Meeting No. 1854 Wednesday, April 6, 2005

1:00 P.M.

Committee Room #2 (2nd Floor)

City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Minutes Of The Previous Meetings

- Meeting No. 1853 – February 9, 2005 

Business Arising Out Of Minutes

Committee Of The Whole Resolution

- Meeting – April 6, 2005


– 2:00 p.m.

Commissioners’ Correspondence


1. Presentation to Retiring Members of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation

2. Update on Streetcar Technology

3. Launch of Ad Campaign

4. TTC/GTA Fare Card Project (Report to Follow)

Budget Matters

5. Chief General Manager’s Report – Period 12 (November 28 to December 31, 2004) (copy of detailed report available at meeting)PDF icon.

6. Chief General Manager’s Report – Periods 1 & 2 (January 1 – February 26, 2005)

Procurement Matters

7. Procurement Authorization Fire Safety System Design Services Contract G85-199

8. Procurement Authorization Structural Assessment and Design Services Contract G85-198

9. Procurement Authorization Right-of-Way Protection Scarborough Rapid Transit System Contract J60-18PDF icon.

10. Spadina Subway Extension Environmental Assessment Study Phase One – Public Consultation ResultsPDF icon.

11. Procurement Authorization Spadina Subway Extension Environmental Assessment Study City of Toronto Public Consultant Support Services – Contract Amendment C11P104792 #2

12. Procurement Authorization Mount Dennis Bus Garage Building Demolition and Site Remediation Contract X1-2 Change Directive X1-2-12

13. Procurement Authorization – Packaging and Mailing of Metropasses

14. Procurement Authorization – The Direct Supply of Ford Parts for Non-Revenue Vehicles

15. Escalation and Status Report - Supply of Low Floor Diesel City BusesPDF icon.

16. Procurement Authorization – Toronto Parking Authority – Contract Change for 2005 Operating ExpensesPDF icon.

17. Purchase Order Amendment Authority Consulting Engineering Services Precast Concrete Tunnel Liner Evaluation & Rehabilitation Contract G85-121 - POAA No. 7PDF icon.

18. Procurement Authorization Greenwood Shop Substation Switchgear Upgrades Contract GR75-11PDF icon.

19. Procurement Authorization Consultant Design Services Birchmount Garage Contract E85-17

20. Budget Approval - Woodbine Beach Bus Loop – Lake Shore Blvd. East & Northern Dancer Blvd. Contract DC9-2

21. Redistribution and Increase of Authorization Construction Management Services Triennial Contract Contract G85-154

22. Procurement Authorization – Inventory/Purchasing Implementation (Report to Follow)

23. Procurement Authorization – The Rental of Delineators, Traffic Signs and Barricades

24. Procurement Authorization – Excavation and Paving 2005 Surface Track Program

25. Procurement Authorization – Asphalt Repairs and MaintenancePDF icon.

26. Procurement Authorization – Rebuild and Overhaul of Transformers Proposal #P31PV05713

27. Procurement Authorization – Rectifier Transformers - Bedford Station

28. Purchase Order Amendment Authorization for the Supply of Miscellaneous Electrical Components and Supplies

29. Purchase Order Amendment C11P104738 #2 Authorization Senior Project Coordinator Spadina Subway Extension Environmental Assessment Study

30. Purchase Order Amendment Authority for the Supply of Safety Equipment

31. Purchase Order Amendment – Human Resources and Human Rights Legal Services

32. Purchase of Pandrol Parts

33. Purchase of Track Joint Parts

34. Purchase of Steel Wheels

35. Approval of the Roll Out of Platform Video Screens Throughout the System

36. Summary of Authorized Expenditures for the Period January 1, 2005 to January 31, 2005PDF icon.

37. Summary of Authorized Expenditures for the Period February 1, 2005 to February 26, 2005PDF icon.

38. Notice of Award of Procurement Authorization Mount Dennis Bus Garage Building Demolition and Site Remediation Contract X1-2 Change Directives X1-2-5, X1-2-9 and X1-2-12

39. Notice of Award - Data Entry ServicesPDF icon.

40. Notice of Award - CA Unicenter Software and MaintenancePDF icon.

41. Notice of Award - Supply of Industrial ComputersPDF icon.

42. Notice of Award - Supply of CLRV Truck Suspension Parts

43. Notice of Award - Contract Amendment – Supply of Natural Gas

44. Notice of Award - Sale of St. John’s Loop (1500 Weston Road)PDF icon.

Other Business

45. 2004 Special Constable Services Annual Report to the Toronto Police Services Board

46. GO Transit (Accessible Elevator) Finch Station

47. TTC Property Taxes

48. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 13.2.2 Financial Reporting to the Commission

49. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 9.5.2 Signing Officers for the Execution of Documents Under Corporate Seal

50. Policy/Instruction 10.14.0, Safety

51. Bicycle Racks on TTC Buses – Pilot Project

52. Appointment of Members to the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation

53. Interdepartmental Working Group - Filming

54. Service Improvements for 2005

55. TTC Service for the Rochester Ferry in 2005

56. 44 Jackes/33 Rosehill – Lease Rent RenewalPDF icon.

57. Leadership and Professional Development Training Programs

58. Services for Pre-placement Medical ProgramPDF icon.

59. Hydro Corridors – TTC Input to Provincial Secondary Land Use Program for Transmission Corridors

60. Staff Response to Commission Inquiry

a) Eglinton West – Comparison of TTC and Toronto Parking Authority Parking Lot PricingPDF icon.

b) Monitoring the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

c) Short and Long Term Noise and Vibration Abatement Program

d) Fare Media

e) Increasing TTC RidershipPDF icon.

61. Correspondence – See Attached

62. New Business