Meeting Date: January 12, 2005

Subject: Procurement Authorization Design Consultant Services - Fire Ventilation Second Exit Program Contract G85-197


It is recommended that the Commission authorize the award of contracts to the following two companies to provide Design Consultant Services for the Fire Ventilation Second Exit Program, Contract G85-197, in the total upset limit amount of $5,000,000, split as follows:

1. Hatch Mott MacDonald Ltd. (HMM)  $2,500,000 (upset limit)

2. Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited (MMM) $2,500,000 (upset limit)


Sufficient funds are included in the Program 3.9 – Buildings and Structures – Fire Ventilation Upgrade Project, (as set out on pages 715-729, State of Good Repair/Safety Category), of the TTC 2005-2009 Capital Program which was approved by the Commission on November 17, 2004.


A Fire & Life Safety Assessment Study was completed in 2002. This Study of all existing stations was conducted to evaluate the design of existing station egress routes against Ontario Building Code criteria. Fourteen stations were identified in the high priority category that require an alternate means of egress from station platform.

The Fire Ventilation Upgrade Project includes $50 million for the design and construction of second exits at these fourteen stations. Construction is scheduled to commence on a priority basis late in 2005. It is anticipated that construction at all fourteen locations will be completed in 2011.


The Commission requires professional engineering services to carry out the design of the second exits at up to fourteen subway station locations. The work includes preliminary and detailed design, preparation of contract drawings and specifications and construction review.  Due to the required expertise and anticipation that the assignments will be required concurrently, the proposal document allowed for an award to two companies.

A Request for Proposals was publicly advertised on the TTC website on September 27, 2004. Nine companies requested copies of the proposal documents out of which all nine submitted a proposal.  Eight of the nine proposals received were compliant and were reviewed and rated by the evaluation team and subsequently shortlisted based on the criteria listed in Appendix “A”.
The proposal submitted by HMM was rated the highest qualitatively. HMM has worked on numerous projects for the Commission in the past and their proposal is recommended for acceptance.

The proposals submitted by Giffels Associates Limited, Morrison Hershfield Limited and MMM were considered to be equivalent. Therefore, it is recommended to accept the company with the “best value” composite rates, which is MMM.

The consultant’s actual fee will be based on an acceptable workplan on an individual station basis. Conceptual layouts will be presented to the Commission at a future meeting.


Awards for Contract G85-197 are required to ensure completion of the design of second exits at the fourteen priority stations.

December 8, 2004



Appendix ‘A’

Procurement Authorization Design Consultant Services - Fire Ventilation Second Exit Program Contract G85-197

List Of Proponents (Alphabetically)

• Earth Tech Canada Inc.

• Giffels Associates Limited

• Halsall Associates Limited

• Hatch Mott MacDonald Ltd.

• Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited

• McCormick Rankin Corporation (Non-compliant)

• Morrison Hershfield Limited

• Totten Sims Hubicki Associates (1997) Limited

• URS Architects & Engineers Canada Inc.

Evaluation Criteria

A. Corporate Qualifications/Experience

• Number of Years in Business

• Relevant Corporate Experience

• Depth of Available Resources

• Transit/Transportation Experience

B. Project Staff Qualifications/Experience

i) Project Manager:

• Number of Years of Direct Experience

• Work of Similar Size and Nature

• Technical Qualifications

ii) Project Team/Subconsultants:

• Number of Years of Experience

• Work of Similar Size and Nature

• Technical Qualifications

C. Project Staff Dedication/Availability

• Key Staff Sufficiently Dedicated to the Work

D. Understanding Of The Work

• Proposed Methodology/Approach to the Work