Meeting Date: January 12, 2005

Subject: Procurement Authorization Easier Access Phase II Key Station Accessibility Design Of Main, St. Clair & Dundas West Stations Contract G85-125 Contract Amendment #13


It is recommended that the Commission approve an increase in authorization to Bregman & Hamann Architects (B&H) on Contract G85-125 in the amount of $150,000 for Contract Amendment #13, for a total contract authorization of $1,308,847.33 for the redesign of elevators and associated Easier Access improvements at St. Clair Station.


Sufficient funds for this amendment are included in Program 3.9 Buildings and Structures - Easier Access Phase II (as set out on pages 745 - 750, Legislative Category), of TTC 2005 2009 Capital Program which was approved by the Commission at its meeting of November 17, 2004.


At its meeting of July 6, 1993, the Commission authorized the retention of B&H in the amount of $500,000 to provide engineering services for the Easier Access Phase ll accessibility modifications at Main Street, Dundas West and St. Clair Stations.

Subsequently, at its meeting of June 30, 1999, the Commission approved an increase in authorization to B&H on Contract G85-125 in the amount of $485,000 to update the designs and provide engineering support during the construction at the three (3) stations. Furthermore, amendments in the total amount of $ 173,847.33 were issued by staff in accordance with the Authorization for Expenditures policy to authorize additional work to the Contract.

Contract details are as follows:
Original Contract / $500,000.00

Price of approved Contract Amendments to date / 658,847.33

Price of this contract amendment / 150,000.00

Revised Contract Price / $1,308,847.33 

Work on this Contract Amendment is 0% complete.


The designs for the construction of 6 elevators at Main Street, St. Clair and Dundas West stations were completed by B&H in 1995 but were shelved due to capital budget constraints. In 1997 funding became available and these stations were reinstated in the Easier Access Phase II program.  Accordingly, the Commission approved an increase in the authorization to B&H to update the designs and provide engineering support during the construction at the three (3) stations. Two (2) of the three (3) stations, Main Street and Dundas West, have since been designed and constructed.

During the design of the third station, St. Clair, it became evident that revisions to the layout of the elevators and associated rooms would eliminate the undesirable condition of building the northbound elevator shaft under the streetcar tracks. By relocating the machine rooms, from platform level to street level, less excavation would be required resulting in net savings to the project of approximately $200K.

Consultation with the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation (ACAT) resulted in recommendations that were considered in finalizing the revised layout.

Staff have negotiated the Work Plan submitted by B&H and recommend that additional fees in the upset limit amount of $150,000 be authorized to complete the redesign.


Increased authorization is required for the re-design of elevators and associated easier access improvements at St. Clair station.

December 23, 2004