Meeting Date: January 12, 2005

Subject: Purchase Order Restoration Of Sidewalk, Curb, Boulevard And Road Cut Repairs - City Of Toronto


It is recommended that the Commission authorize the issuance of a Purchase Order to the City of Toronto (City) to provide permanent road cut repairs at various locations to an upset limit of $500,000.


Sufficient funds for these expenditures are included in various Capital Projects in the 2005-2009 TTC Capital Program, which was approved by the Commission on November 17, 2004. Payments will be authorized from the appropriate projects as the work is completed for individual locations.


The TTC must carry out various road cuts in order to facilitate utility connections, relocations and/or alterations, subsurface investigations as well as entrance connections. This work requires demolition and removal of components of sidewalks, curbs, roadways and / or boulevards and reinstatement with permanent repair.

TTC contractors are only authorized by the City to carry out temporary repairs of such areas until such time as City-retained contractors carry out the permanent repairs.  


In the course of implementing various projects, the Commission’s Engineering and Construction Branch requires road cuts to enable such work as demolition and removal of components of sidewalks, curbs, roadways and / or boulevards. Prior to conducting this work, Road Cut Permits are issued by the City on a case by case basis. A number of road cuts are carried out each year under various projects.  Permanent repairs to these road cuts may at a later date be carried out by the City and are then invoiced to the TTC. To date, the Engineering and Construction Branch has issued separate Purchase Orders for each road cut repair. This is an inefficient process, requiring more administration than would be required by a single Purchase Order.

Based on requirements from previous years, the $500,000 upset limit of this Purchase Order is anticipated to be sufficient to accommodate the requirements for a period of five years. Each invoice for road cut repairs will be processed on a case by case basis and will be charged under the appropriate Approved Capital Projects.


The City of Toronto is a single source provider of this service.

January 12, 2005