Meeting Date: January 12, 2005

Subject: Sale Of Decommissioned Buses


It is recommended that the Commission approve the declaration for surplus for the purpose of selling or donating 242 surplus buses throughout 2005. These buses will be removed from service over the next 12 months, decommissioned and sold or donated in the best interest of the Commission.


There are no funding requirements. The expected sales revenue will be approximately $200,000.


On November 21, 2001 the Commission approved the procurement of 220 new Orion 7 low floor buses. Subsequent to that Commission meeting an option was exercised to purchase an additional 250 Orion 7 buses to start delivery in 2005. The practice has been to obtain approval to declare any revenue vehicle surplus to the Commission’s needs before attempting to dispose of the surplus vehicles.     


The 242 buses that will be retired are between 18 and 24 years of age. A new donation process is being finalized which will allow for authorized non profit organizations to receive some of these buses as a donation. 


Due to the lack of available space it is essential that these 242 surplus buses be disposed of in the best interest of the Commission as soon as possible. 

November 30, 2004