Meeting Date: January 12, 2005

Subject: Purchase Order Amendment Authorization - Systems Approach Strategies Development And Delivery Of Work Protection Code Training


It is recommended that the Commission approve the issuance of an amendment for an additional $160,000, to Systems Approach Strategies for a total revised upset limit amount of $453,075.78 for the development and delivery of Work Protection Code training.


Sufficient funds are available in the 2005 TTC Operating Budget which was approved by the Commission at its November 17, 2004 Commission Meeting and will be included in future Operating Budgets as required.


On January 22, 2002, the Commission awarded a contract to Systems Approach Strategies in the upset limit amount of $160,000 for the development of a Work Protection Code (WPC). In the past two years, they have worked with the Signals/Electrical/Communications Department to develop and deliver any/all associated training to Electrical employees and service contractors on the application of the Code for all work requiring the isolation of high voltage apparatus rated at 750 volts AC nominal or above.

Over the past two years the scope/frequency of the training requirements have changed and as such continued course development, worker training and audit guideline specifications were required to ensure employees obtain and retain the acquired skill set required to meet the WPC provisions. This current contract expires January 31, 2005.

Original Upset Limit Contract Amount:  $160,000.00

Previous Amendments / $133,075.78

This Amendment / $160,000.00

Total Revised Upset Contract Amount / $453,075.78


The original upset limit value of $160,000 for the contract with Systems Approach Strategies was based on the development of the WPC.  The scope of work was subsequently increased to include training and course material handouts of the WPC for employees and contractors working on site, as in-house training resources were not available.  As such, six amendments totaling $133,075.78 were approved by Management over a 29 month period.  A seventh amendment was recently approved by Management and issued for an upset limit amount of $20,000.00 for the development of an audit program to assist Safety Department staff in their auditing processes of the WPC.

There are currently approximately 150 Electrical employees certified to partake as active participants. Over the next three years, several unionized employees will retire and new hires will be recruited to partake in the certification process, requiring the continuance of the existing course deliveries. 

In addition, the Electrical Division has identified the need to have two additional courses developed and administered to confirm the continued successful implementation of WPC. In particular:

• Refresher Training is recommended for all current WPC certified Electrical employees with the intent to ensure mandatory recertification on a minimum two year basis and will be administered and enforced very similar to Subway Rulebook Training;

• Controlling Authority (CA) for all previously certified Power Control Operators (PCO) to improve confidence in fulfilling the CA function given the extensive requirements and responsibilities of the PCO throughout the WPC process


Systems Approach has been involved throughout the WPC infancy stages, and given the vision of having the Refresher and Controlling Authority courses “build’ upon the initial training developed and delivered the continued involvement of this firm is in the best interests of the TTC for consistency and optimum training and development strategies.                         
December 20, 2004