We are building on our 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook

In 2019, the TTC developed its first-ever 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook. This plan – which we developed in consultation with stakeholders and the public – provides a transparent blueprint for continuous service improvements.

Annual Service Plan public consultations

One of the commitments we made when we developed the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook was to consult stakeholders and the public annually to inform the development of detailed Annual Service Plans. These consultations will focus on refining the actions in the 5-Year Service Plan and addressing any changes that may have occurred. As we prepare our 2021 Annual Service Plan, we’re looking to fulfill that commitment.

How we’re adjusting during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many lives and many of the services people rely on, including the TTC. A significant decline in ridership (down 86% of pre-pandemic levels as of June 2020), significant decline in revenue (loss of $21 million/week as of June 2020), changing public priorities, and reduced public confidence in the safety of public transit are just some ways COVID-19 has affected us. In response, the TTC has implemented a number of emergency actions, including (but not limited to):

  • Making face masks mandatory (as of July 2)
  • Providing hand sanitizer to customers at subway stations
  • Reducing some service to meet reduced demand and save on operating costs
  • Providing PRESTO credits for March and April monthly pass holders

COVID-19 is also influencing the service initiatives in the 2021 Annual Service Plan and our consultation approach. We remain committed to sharing and seeking feedback from stakeholders and the public. However, the need to consider public health and to plan in an ever-shifting context means consultation will take place in a shorter window and through a different set of tools. You can learn more about the process and how you can contribute below.

The 2021 Annual Service Plan

While the emergency response actions we’ve taken are important part of adjusting to the current public health crisis, we also know it’s critical to think beyond the immediate term. The 2021 Annual Service Plan is an important part of that work.

Several factors will influence the 2021 Annual Service Plan, including:

  • Goals and objectives from the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook
  • New operating constraints (reduced ridership and revenue)
  • Public health guidance (COVID-19)
  • Public and stakeholder consultation
  • Changing customer values and priorities (results from the Service Standards and Customer Satisfaction Surveys)

2021 Annual Service Plan inputs including Public Health Guidance, Public and stakeholder consultation, Changing customer values and priorities, Goals and Objectives and New operating constraints

The 2021 Annual Service Plan consultation process

Consultation on the 2021 Annual Service Plan will follow a three-round process.

The first round, in June-July 2020, consisted of a service standards survey of the general public. The purpose of this survey was to learn how our customer’s priorities have changed so we can make sure the 2021 Annual Service Plan is based on an up-to-date understanding.

The first part of the second round will launch in August to survey customers about bus service options for RapidTO. The second part will launch in September and will include stakeholder engagement (through a virtual meeting) and public consultation (using an online survey) on other Annual Service Plan initiatives. This round of consultation will draw on the service standards survey results and focus on our emerging approaches for the 2021 Annual Service Plan. Specifically, we will share:

  • What our big picture priorities should be
  • Emerging options for the 2021 Annual Service Plan

The third round, targeted for late October, will include a second stakeholder consultation that will focus on the proposed final recommendations for the 2021 Annual Service Plan.

As the consultation process unfolds, we will post presentations, summaries, and other relevant links to this page.

Round 2 consultation reports

In September 2020, we held two Stakeholder Meetings to share and seek feedback on the emerging priorities and service initiatives for the 2021 Annual Service Plan. Read the workshop summaries for the afternoon session and the evening session.

Sign up for updates

Please visit this website regularly for updates. If you would like to receive updates about the 2021 Annual Service Plan, please send an email to planning@ttc.ca, with the subject line “2021 Annual Service Plan.”