Help shape the TTC's 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook! Please take five to seven minutes to complete this brief survey to help the TTC prioritize transit service investment.

An accessible version of the survey is available here.

The TTC works hard to provide a great public transit service

Over 1.7 million people take the TTC each day. Ninety per cent of all Toronto homes and jobs are a five-minute walk away from a TTC bus stop, streetcar stop or subway station. And the TTC’s bus network carries more people than almost any other bus network in North America.

We are completing a 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook

The TTC has a solid and steady customer base and we want to improve service to ensure they keep choosing us. Toronto is also growing, and we want more people to choose us more often. We know that reliability, crowding, and trip duration are all priorities for our customers. To help address these issues, improve existing experience on the TTC, keep pace with growth and support expansion of TTC’s rapid transit network, the TTC is completing a 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook.

Building on the foundation of the TTC Corporate Plan 2018 – 2022, the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook will bridge the gap between the TTC’s annual service plans and the longer-term plans by providing a transparent blueprint for continuous service improvements. It will do this by identifying existing and emerging opportunities for recommending immediate and longer-term service improvements.

How can the TTC improve service?

There is a long list of opportunities that the 5-Year Service Plan will explore to improve service, and we are keen to connect with our customers and future riders as this planning process unfolds. We’ve identified the following emerging opportunities, along with interesting facts to support them:

  • Prioritize transit on our busiest corridors. Toronto has some of the most highly utilized bus routes and corridors in Canada and US. These bus routes and corridors carry more than 30,000 passengers on a typical weekday and are excellent candidates for improvements to speed and reliability.
  • Enhance the customer experience at our busiest stops. There are 22 surface transit stop areas in Toronto with more than 4,500 people boarding daily – which represents another significant opportunity to improve the customer experience by providing additional amenities in these highly active locations.
  • Improve the speed and reliability of the surface transit network. There are 1.2 million people using the TTC’s surface transit (bus and streetcar) network every day. That’s 70% of the 1.7 million total number of people who take the TTC each day.
  • Reduce transit travel times. About 1 in 4 people who take the TTC during the morning peak have over a 45-minute commute. Through this plan, we will be exploring opportunities to shorten transit travel times for these customers and improve public transit access to housing, employment and services across the region.
  • Expand integration of TTC transit services with regional transit agencies and other modes of transportation, such as driving and active transportation. We recognize that the way people move around the city, and the way they use the TTC is changing. This Plan presents an opportunity to improve connections with all modes and better integrate the TTC with transit partners, which we believe will greatly improve access to housing, employment and services across the region.

   Community consultation and pop-up events

To develop the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook, the TTC will conduct extensive public consultations and involve our stakeholders in the planning process in efforts to seek feedback that will help inform and shape the 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook.

Survey results

An online survey was conducted in spring 2019. Read the survey results here.

Planned community consultation activities:

  • Six public pop-up public meetings across the City in July 2019

    Location Date (Time)
    Kennedy Station July 3, 2019 (7-10 a.m.)
    Union Station July 3, 2019 (3-6 p.m.)
    Finch Station July 4, 2019 (7-10 a.m.)
    Don Mills Station July 4, 2019 (3-6 p.m.)
    Kipling Station July 5, 2019 (7-10 a.m.)
    Jane-Finch Mall July 5, 2019 (3-6 p.m.)
  • Informative discussion guides
  • Extensive ongoing online engagement over the summer of 2019
  • Public engagement on the final draft Plan in September 2019

A final report outlining the results of the consultations and the identified initiatives will be presented to the TTC Board by the end of 2019.

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