Art is an important component of major station upgrades (including the Easier Access and Second Exit construction improvement projects). On June 5th, 2017, TTC will be unveiling art concepts for 7 stations that are either under construction or scheduled for construction in the near future.

You are invited to preview the public art concepts for these stations and meet some of the selected artists, on Monday June 5. Please see meeting details in the following link:

Stations will receive public art in accordance with the TTC Public Art Policy outlined in this Approval of Art Concept Board report This PDF will open in a new window..

Public art concepts for stations are selected by an art jury including one local representative for each station. The concepts will be available for viewing on this site.  Following the open house, the concepts and public feedback will be presented to the TTC Board and approval. The selected artists will then develop the artwork with TTC Chief Architect and the TTC construction project teams prior to installation.