We value both the quality and quantity of time customers spend on the TTC.

For our customers, the TTC should represent the simplest, fastest and most cost efficient way to move around Toronto. A key move towards confirming that belief will be to adopt metrics that, quite literally, put a monetary value on the time customers spend on public transit.

Reliability and punctuality methods will measure the quantity of time customers spend waiting for the next train, bus or streetcar, and the value of that time. We have begun work on such measures and can see the potential to enhance both the way the TTC delivers service and the way we plan for future upgrades and expansion.

Our new Customer Satisfaction Survey will measure the quality of the time customers spend with the TTC. The quality of time is inextricably linked to the perception of its quantity. A customer who is more comfortable perceives time to be less than the reality and is therefore more satisfied with the service.

These new tools will give the TTC the ability to compare a variety of improvements – their relative benefits and costs – to ensure our efforts are properly focused on the improvements customers rightly demand. Fundamentally, this isn’t as much about business processes but rather how well we treat our customers – an important measure on the TTC scorecard.

Our principles

Any business needs a set of clear business principles that guide every day direction. The TTC principles set out in Appendix 3 act as a filter for decision-making and help to prioritize our efforts and spending on the things that deliver the greatest benefit to our customers.