a collage of the many different employees and jobs associated with the TTC

In early 2013 we completed a reorganization of the TTC to deliver continuous improvement based on customer needs and feedback.

The newly established Strategy and Customer Experience Group will identify customer needs and specify the standard of service the delivery groups need to achieve. The group will review, via market research, what was actually achieved and thereby create a cycle of continuous improvement.

The Corporate Services Group will now bring together all departments that support our core service. The Safety and Environment department has become a stand-alone group, independent from line management, and now reports directly to the CEO. This move highlights the importance the TTC places on safety.

The reconfigured Engineering, Construction and Expansion Group reflects our new relationship with Metrolinx, the organization that will be undertaking construction of Light Rail Train (LRT) lines.

We have split service delivery into two centres of excellence.

The Operations Group will focus on improving subway performance, network control, vehicle and infrastructure maintenance. These critical activities may be largely unseen by customers but have real impact on the reliability of service.

The Service Delivery Group consolidates all customer-facing staff with a mandate to expedite improvement in the quality of service and consistency of customer interaction.

Finally, the reorganization establishes the new role of Chief of Staff to the CEO, a position that co-ordinates business improvement activity and professionalization of inter-governmental relations.

Continuous Improvement Model

The TTC model starts and finishes with the Strategy and Customer Experience Group, representing the voice of the customer.