Objective: An empowered, customer-focused workforce that values teamwork, pride in a job well done, and an organization that actively develops its employees.

Core Strategy 3

Transform Employee Engagement, Performance and Culture


Chief Service Officer, Head of Human Resources,Executive Director Corporate Communications

Overview of deliverables:

Customer speaking with TTC employeeChanging culture and engaging staff is critically important to deliver sustained change.

The traditional, hierarchal structure has served the TTC well in the past, but we now need improved management-staff relations to enable dynamic decision-making.

Staff will have much greater involvement in the way their TTC is run. Local managers will be empowered to fix local issues. And all staff will be accountable for their performance within a framework that sets expectations. The goal of a fresh start to the way we do business needs the involvement of unions in a mutually agreed environment.

How we will measure success:

  • Staff Satisfaction Survey scores
  • Staff attendance rates
  • Staff performance framework

Key initiatives to deliver the people objective:

Performance Management Framework

Customer feedback clearly points to dissatisfaction with the quality and consistency of the service now offered. The TTC’s reputation has also suffered from a string of high profile incidents. For our plan to succeed, staff performance at all levels – both management and frontline capability – has to improve.

Specific activity will include:

  • Setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) targets from executive to first-level supervisory levels, ultimately extending to all staff.
  • Development of a comprehensive reward and recognition strategy to recognize excellent performance and demonstration of desired values and behaviours.
  • Review of existing disciplinary and poor performance processes to differentiate between capability and conduct, and to enable firm but fair management of poor performance.
  • Review of existing training and development programs to ensure they meet business needs.

Labour and Employee Relations Strategy

Critical to the transformation of the TTC and our future success is a new approach with our union partners. We will develop a strategy of engagement and partnership to further strengthen the ties between employees and their managers.

Specific activity will include:

  • Development of a comprehensive labour and employee relations strategy.

Staff Engagement Strategy

Our plan will only succeed with the engagement of TTC employees. Management style has a direct influence on staff behaviour so we need to create a culture that encourages staff to excel while actively managing the minority of poor performers. Other measures will also have a positive effect on employee morale.

Specific activity will include:

  • Delivery of a series of roadshows at work locations to brief staff on this plan, and seek their feedback and buy-in.
  • Completion of an annual Staff Satisfaction Survey to define areas of staff dissatisfaction and develop corrective action plans.
  • Development and roll-out of a new TTC uniform.
  • Refinement of employee communications tools including an in-house, real-time stream of information delivered via strategically placed TV monitors.
  • A review and update of Operator refresher and recertification programs.

Management Development and Succession Planning

Our plans rely on capable, talented managers and supervisory staff to succeed. We will overhaul existing arrangements to ensure the TTC attracts and retains people of the right calibre to lead our renaissance.