Objective: An organization that is transparent and accountable, well-regarded by stakeholders and peers, and in which employees are proud to play a part.

Core Strategy 7

Transform the TTC’s reputation among customers, stakeholders and peers


Chief of Staff, Executive Director Corporate Communications

Overview of deliverables:

The transformation of the TTC’s reputation will be earned through improved operational and managerial competence, but it can be influenced through a more proactive, engaging approach to key stakeholders such as Metrolinx.

We will be known for an open, engaging and transparent style that respects the needs of stakeholders while confidently communicating our case.

How we will measure success:

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey
  • Staff Satisfaction Survey

Key initiatives to deliver the reputation objective:

Strategic Communications Strategy

We will develop a communications strategy to enhance public understanding and acceptance of the TTC’s Corporate Plan.

Employee Communications

We are pursuing new and modern ways of communicating with our workforce. Investing in new tools to broadly communicate with employees means a better-informed and engaged staff. This is critical to the TTC’s success.

Use of YouTube

We will increase use of videos on YouTube to inform and update customers and stakeholders on major projects.

Positive Media Engagement

The TTC will continue to proactively engage with the media to ensure our customers and public remain well-informed about TTC issues and projects.

Positive Political Engagement

City of Toronto Councillors have deep relationships with their communities. We will work to enhance our relationship with City Councillors and, through them, achieve our goal of being seen as a partner and good neighbour.

Community Engagement Strategy

The people of Toronto, even those that aren’t regular customers, fund the TTC and have a right to know how and where their money is being spent. We will ensure citizens are up to date on our plans and give communities the opportunity to take part in meaningful consultation.

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

Together with the Mystery Shopper Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey and an Employee Satisfaction Survey, the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey is the fourth critical measure of perceptions about the TTC. We will gauge the views of opinion makers (such as politicians and business leaders) about the TTC, which will help the TTC executive understand where to best concentrate their efforts.