Passengers boarding the 2013 TTC Rocket at Yonge Station

Our five-year plan represents a top-to-bottom transformation of the TTC.
To deliver the change needed, and to do it with precision, requires close
co-ordination of activity and strong oversight.

A number of activities can now go forward:

  1. Map activities across a master plan for regular tracking
  2. Identify specific improvements, as measured by key performance indicators (KPIs), for individual programs
  3. Define targets for Group Chiefs and separate into detailed activities
  4. Brief stakeholders and staff
  5. Determine if further activities should be added
  6. Define priorities and limit the addition of non-critical work streams

Point 6 is critical: if the TTC is to complete such a sea change in performance, processes, equipment and culture, we must take a disciplined approach to resist scope creep.

When this plan is fully implemented, the TTC will have undergone a remarkable transformation in a very tight timeline. And we will have delivered on our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.