Welcome to the Daily Customer Service Report, the score card with the latest information about our performance. This score card is one of many initiatives underway to increase accountability and transparency at the TTC about how well we are serving our customers.

This daily report shows at a glance how we did on the previous business day to meet our commitment to provide punctual subway/RT, bus and streetcar service as well as reliable up-time availability of elevator and escalator service in subway stations.

Report for Thursday, February 16, 2017

Service: Our objective: Our target: Actual: How we did:
-Spadina Subway
Deliver a punctual service1 96% 98% pass
Bloor-Danforth Subway Deliver a punctual service1 97% 97% pass
Sheppard Subway Deliver a punctual service1 98% 96% fail
Scarborough RT Deliver a punctual service1 96% 94% fail
Bus Deliver a reliable headway3 65% N/A N/A
Streetcar Deliver a reliable headway3 70% N/A N/A
Elevator Provide easy access2 98% 99% pass
Escalator Provide easy access2 97% 99% pass


   1 % of Service (up to Headway + 3 minutes)
   2 % of devices available
   3 % of service (+/- 3 minutes)