Paying your TTC fare with PRESTO is now even easier.

All adults, seniors and youths can purchase TTC Monthly Passes and 12-Month Passes on PRESTO. Passes for September will be on sale from August 24 until September 5. Purchase your pass online at, at PRESTO Fare Vending Machines at select TTC subway station entrances and from select Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

Starting August 26, a new two-hour transfer will be available to all PRESTO card customers. With this transfer, PRESTO card customers will be able to hop on and off the system and switch direction at any point in their journey. As long as they are within two hours from their first tap they will not be charged another fare.

Black presto card on purple background with text Kid Independence     Black presto card on orange background with headline 2 hour transfer

Black PRESTO card on green background     Black PRESTO card on red background

Want to learn more about PRESTO on the TTC?

Watch these videos about:

  1. How to use PRESTO on the TTC
  2. How to get a transfer with PRESTO on the TTC (two-hour transfer available to PRESTO card customers only, starting August 26)
  3. Where to buy a PRESTO card to use on the TTC
  4. How to use PRESTO as a senior, youth or child