New PRESTO screens are rolling out on buses, streetcars and at stations. The screens on the buses and streetcars will be updated on September 25, 2021, while the screens on the fare gates will be updated between October 4 and the middle of October.

The new screens include more information for customers, including:

  • Showing how much they paid and the balance remaining on their card
  • When they are transferring versus paying a new fare and
  • Whether they are paying with a monthly pass

The screens will also include more descriptions for why a PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket has been declined, such as:

  • No rides left
  • Expired PRESTO Ticket
  • Already tapped
  • Activate card online
  • Blocked card and
  • Reload funds.

In addition to these changes, a new three-toned chime sound and flashing yellow light will be introduced to indicate a child card is being used. Customers who have a Fair Pass Discount Program fare type on their card will hear one beep from the reader and fare gate when they tap their card, instead of two.