Use PRESTO on streetcars, buses, including Wheel-Trans, and at, at least one entrance of every subway station.

You will still be able to buy and use Metropasses, tickets and tokens in 2017.

The PRESTO electronic fare payment system is one piece of the TTC’s modernization efforts.The PRESTO rollout will continue in 2017. Notably, the remaining subway station entrances that do not yet have the new paddle-style PRESTO fare gates will get them, and new TTC pass products, such as monthly and weekly passes, will be introduced on PRESTO. More options to buy, load and set a student/senior concession fare on a PRESTO card will also become available.

PRESTO fares

  • $3.00 (Adult)
  • $2.05 (Senior, age 65+ / Student, ages 13-19)

PRESTO might be right for you if you

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Using PRESTO on Downtown Express Buses

If you have a PRESTO card you can pay your first of the double fare required on a Downtown Express Bus by tapping your PRESTO card on the card reader, but you must pay the additional fare by token, cash, Metropass or ticket.

Using PRESTO on TTC buses in York Region and Mississauga

PRESTO readers on TTC buses that operate in York Region or Mississauga are not currently set up to collect YRT and/or MiWay fares, only TTC fares. You can use your PRESTO card to pay your TTC fare if you board the bus in Toronto. When you leave the bus in York Region or Mississauga you must pay your YRT and/or MiWay fare as you do today (TTC fare plus a supplement, cash or YRT and/or MiWay fare product). The same applies for the reverse. When you board a TTC bus in York Region or Mississauga you must deposit your YRT and/or MiWay fare or cash in the fare box. If you want to pay your TTC fare by PRESTO, you must tap your card when you leave the bus in Toronto.