TTC GO Sticker $60.00

TTC and GO are working together to make it easier for Metropass holders to get around Toronto.

TTC Metropass holders can now purchase a sticker at GO Transit’s Danforth, Union or Exhibition stations, which provides our customers with unlimited travel between Exhibition and Danforth GO stations.

The new $60.00 GO fare stickers can be purchased at Exhibition, Union and Danforth GO Stations.

Getting the new GO fare sticker is easy:

  1. Bring your TTC Metropass (for the current or upcoming month) to the ticket counter at Exhibition, Union or Danforth GO Station.
  2. GO's Station Attendant will attach the GO fare sticker to your valid TTC Metropass.
  3. Be sure to save your receipt for tax purposes.
  4. You're good to go!

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Terms and Conditions

  • The GO fare sticker, when affixed to a valid TTC Metropass is good for GO Train travel between Exhibition, Union and Danforth GO Stations only. If you travel beyond these stations, additional GO fare will be required.
  • The fare sticker is valid only when affixed by a GO Station Attendant to a valid TTC Metropass and cannot be reused. A new sticker must be purchased for each Metropass.
  • The sticker is non-refundable.
  • GO passengers may be asked at any time to show proof of fare paid, so be sure to have your valid Metropass with the GO fare sticker with you while travelling on GO.
  • Trips taken using the sticker will not qualify for the GO Train service guarantee as it does not provide proof of a GO trip taken or the GO fare paid for a trip.

This is a pilot project that will help us better understand our customers’ motivations for using different types of transit as we work to bring more convenient, integrated service to the GTA.