GTA Weekly Pass $63.00

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Weekly Pass is an accepted fare on all TTC, Mississauga, Brampton and York Region Transit routes, including service for persons with disabilities which are operated by these systems. Customers in possession of a GTA Pass will not be required to pay the additional fare when crossing municipal boundaries.

The GTA Weekly Pass is transferable, with conditions, and does not require a photo identification. This is a weekly pass, valid from 12:01am on Mondays, until the morning service starts on the following Monday. (For "premium" or "express" bus service where additional fare is required, a GTA Pass with the required additional fare will be accepted as valid fare.) The GTA Weekly Pass is only valid if the validation sticker is removed.

GTAThe GTA Weekly Pass is sold from the previous Thursday, until the Tuesday of the week for which the pass will be used. Purchase a GTA Weekly Pass at the following TTC Stations:

  • Downsview at the Collector Booth
  • Wilson at the Collector Booth
  • Lawrence West at the Collector Booth
  • Union at the Pass Vending Machine
  • Finch at the Collector Booth and the Pass Vending Machine
  • Islington at the Collector Booth and the Pass Vending Machine
  • Warden at the Collector Booth
  • Kennedy at the Collector Booth
  • Scarborough Centre at the Collector Booth and the Pass Vending Machine
  • Don Mills at the Collector Booth and the Pass Vending Machine 

The GTA Pass is also available at various locations in Brampton, Mississauga and York Region - Contact your local transit authority for sales location details.

Tax Credit for Public Transit: Information on the Federal Tax Credit for TTC Pass Purchasers - see Tax Credit.