1. Search for jobs by inputting keywords or do a general search of all jobs by clicking on Search Jobs.

    Screen shot of the search jobs button on the Career Opportunities page

  2. Please start your application by selecting a Job Posting from the list of Open Jobs.

    Screen shot of selection of job from the Job Posting List
  3. Click on Apply.

    Screen shot of the Apply button on the job posting screen
  4. My Candidate Profile page will appear and you can upload your resume.

    Screen shot of the upload resume screen
  5. Your resume is now uploaded and will prepopulate some of the fields in the application. Please review to ensure accuracy. When you are satisfied, scroll to the bottom and click on Next.

    Screen shot of the My Candidate Profile page showing the uploaded resume file and the Next button
  6. The application will appear. Fill out the mandatory sections and scroll down to complete the application.

    Screen shot of the application
  7. After you have completed the application, scroll to the bottom and click on Apply.

    Screen shot of the apply button
  8. Your application has been submitted.

    Screen shot of the verification message
  9. By clicking on Job Management, you can track the progress of all the jobs you have applied for.

    Screen shot of the Job Management screen