Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Massive TTC service improvements start this Sunday

This Sunday will see the start of the largest expansion of TTC service since 2008.

One year ago, my team drew up a list of service improvements that we believed could — and should — be implemented as soon as funding became available. These improvements would not only reverse the service cuts that were forced upon the TTC in 2011 and 2012, we argued, but would also add new service and directly tackle issues of concern to customers, such as overcrowding and frequency.

The TTC was relieved and grateful that Toronto City Council invested an unprecedented $95 million in service to the TTC’s 2015 budget earlier this year. This was the culmination of an ongoing effort to restore and increase funding to address a huge growth in ridership over the past 11 years.

So starting on Sept. 6, service on an additional 30 bus routes will be increased to all-day, every-day frequency. This brings our grand total to 121 routes that will make the TTC a more available, predictable and consistent travel option for an even greater number of Torontonians. And there’s more to be delivered before year’s end.

Service has also been added to accommodate increased off-peak demand, as well as service increases to a number of streetcar and bus routes, resulting in 10-minute-or-better service, all-day, everyday. Thirty-nine of the TTC’s subway, streetcar and bus routes will now have frequent service at all times. Further improvements include adding more vehicles in the off-peak periods, resulting in shorter wait times, less crowding and a better chance getting a seat.

Finally, in the largest expansion of TTC overnight service since the 1980s, additional Blue Night routes are being added or improved upon. This will bring the total number of overnight routes to 31, ensuring that 99% of all Toronto residents now live within a 15-minute walk of overnight bus or streetcar service.
Later this fall and into the new year, additional service improvements will be added, including new express bus routes.

All of these changes complement our ongoing push to drive up every aspect of service quality, including timetable improvements on the subway, greater than ever attention to getting the basics right, and a concerted attempt to create a customer-led culture that makes you proud of your TTC.

Back to school with the TTC
A TTC rider holds her backpack on her lap.

With the summer of 2015 winding down and school about to begin for another year, there are some things students need to know when riding the TTC:

Students 13-15 no longer have to show TTC-issued photo ID. Those 16-19 may be asked to present school-issued or government-issued photo ID as proof of age. Children 12 and under ride free.

Students can ride the TTC with the following fares:
• $2 cash fare
• Senior/Student ticket sold at a discounted rate of five for $9.75
• Senior/Student Metropass which provides unlimited travel for $112

Post-secondary students enrolled full-time at an accredited institution in Toronto are eligible for the Post-Secondary Metropass, which provides unlimited travel for $112. Post-Secondary students must carry the TTC Post-Secondary photo ID when using the Post-Secondary Metropass.
• These photo IDs are available for purchase at the TTC’s Photo ID Centre at Sherbourne Station at a cost of $5.25. The TTC will also hold photo ID sessions at many colleges and universities in the coming weeks for $7.

When travelling on the TTC, we ask all of our customers to be courteous and remove their backpacks. When riding, leave seats free for other riders by placing bags on the floor or on your lap.

Employee Profile
Luciano Masi, Handyperson Apprentice.

Name: Luciano Masi
Position: Handyperson Apprentice
Years of service: 4

My background in construction led me to pursue a career in the trades with the TTC. Before I began my handyperson apprenticeship, I worked in surface track and landscaping. One of my favourite things about my job is being able to work outdoors.

I also love that every day at work is different from the last. I’ve had the chance to make some good friends throughout my time with the TTC.

Not only that, but I’ve been given the opportunity to do what I love to do, and that’s important to me.


The TTC is always happy explain what we do and why. Send an email to, and your question may be answered in an upcoming issue of Connecting Toronto.

Dear TTC:

I live in the condo across from Davisville Station. Some of the trains are quiet as they roll in or depart from the station and others screech like there’s no tomorrow! Is it the brakes that cause this extremely loud noise? Can they be serviced so that the noise is stopped?

— M.

Dear M.:

It’s not actually the brakes causing the noise. The screeching, as you describe it, is likely the flange (part of the train’s wheel) rubbing the side of the rail — metal on metal can lead to screeching, that’s for sure. What we do to limit the noise, including in yards like at Davisville, is lubricate the tracks where there are tight curves and where the screeching is most likely to be at its worst in an attempt to reduce the noise. On the Toronto Rocket trains, we also apply a stick-like lubricant on some wheels so the lubrication is permanent on a train.

In the meantime, we will inspect Davisville yard to ensure lubricators are operating correctly. At the TTC, we want to be, not just a transit system that makes Toronto proud, but good neighbours, too.

Take the TTC to this weekend’s Jays games and The Ex

TTC: From Home to Home Plate

Going to cheer on the Blue Jays as they take on the Baltimore Orioles this weekend? Let the TTC take you to the games today, tomorrow and Sunday. The Rogers Centre is accessible from both Union Station and the 504 King streetcar.

Also, don’t miss the last weekend of the Canadian National Exhibition. The TTC has scheduled extra service on the following routes to help you get to Exhibition Place quickly and safely: 511 Bathurst, 29 Dufferin, 193 Exhibition Rocket and 509 Harbourfront.

Use the Trip Planner on our website to map out your route.

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