Andy Byford - CEO of TTC All-night TTC bus and streetcar service will see increases this fall

Our great city continues to grow and your TTC is working hard to keep up with surging demand for public transit.

Last Sunday, we rolled out a series of service improvements on many bus and streetcar routes to make the TTC more convenient, faster and less crowded.

What is not commonly realized is that it is off-peak and evening ridership that is driving our ever-increasing customer numbers. In 2015, we expect to carry a record 545 million customers and, while peak-hour ridership is up, demand outside the rush hours is showing the strongest growth.

One of the key elements of this package of service improvements is to the Blue Night Network, the bus and streetcar routes that keep Toronto moving overnight. In the largest expansion of TTC overnight service since the 1980s, 12 Blue Night routes are being added or revised, bringing the total of overnight routes to 31. Ninety-nine per cent of Toronto residents now live within a 15-minute walk of overnight bus and streetcar service.

Blue Night Network Map

This extra night service will be invaluable for the many Torontonians that work night shifts, as well as to late-night revelers that need a reliable ride home. By adding this, and many other service improvements, the TTC continues to rise to the challenge of keeping Toronto moving, 24 hours a day.

TTC service changes make going to TIFF and getting around more convenient

Whether you’re checking out the latest movies, looking to spot some celebrities, or just want to join the festivities as King St. W. becomes Festival Street for the Toronto International Film Festival, TTC’s service changes are making it easier to get around downtown.

With King St. W. closed to traffic this weekend between University Ave. and Peter St., the TTC is diverting streetcars and buses, including splitting the 504 King streetcar into two routes, with an east and west portion. Buses are also operating and diverting around King St. throughout the four days of Festival Street.

Streetcars and buses are operating as follows:

From the west: 504 King streetcar is proceeding east to Bathurst St., where it turns north to Bathurst Station, then returns south on Bathurst St. and back to route at King St.

From the east: 504 King streetcar is diverting south on Church St., west on Wellington St., north on York St, and then back east along King St.

504 King buses: 504 King bus that normally operates only during morning and afternoon rush hours, is operating throughout the day and evening for the four days of Festival Street, including the weekend. The eastbound bus starts at Dufferin St., as usual, turning north on Spadina Ave., east on Adelaide St., south on University Ave., and then back to route, terminating at Parliament St. as it normally does.

The westbound bus goes north on University Ave. from King St., west on Richmond St., south on Spadina Ave., back to route.

Blue Night: The new 304 King streetcar Blue Night service that operates after the subway closes is also diverting, via Spadina Ave., Queen St., Victoria St., Adelaide St. and Church St. from the west, and York St., Queen St. and Spadina Ave. from the east.

The TTC will have customer service staff along the route to assist and answer questions.

Be sure to check out the TTC’s YouTube channel for a video that helps explain the various service changes that make getting around easier.

The TTC is proud to be part of TIFF 2015.

Employee Profile
Michael Killingsworth, Staff Sergeant

Name: Michael Killingsworth
Position: Staff Sergeant, Training and Administration
Years of service: 28

I began my career with the TTC in 1981 as a Summer Student and spent six summers working in Plant Maintenance and Subway Maintenance.

After completing a two year diploma in Law Enforcement and a brief stint in the private sector, I returned to the TTC as an Operator. In 1995, I became a Transit Investigator. In 1997 I was sworn as a Special Constable and worked in all divisions of the Transit Enforcement Department, currently managing all training and administrative functions in the department.

One of our core values here at the TTC is moving people safely and securely. My broad operational knowledge has provided me with the tools and experience necessary for the work I do.

The TTC has given me lifelong friends and many rewarding opportunities.

Scheduled maintenance on Line 3 this weekend

There will be no service on Line 3 this weekend, Sept. 12-13 as the TTC replaces 200 metres of track, installs new communication cables and tests the power supplies.

Replacement buses will stop at all Line 3 stations, and, upon request, at other transit stops along the way.

Wheel-Trans vehicles will be available for customers who require accessible transit between Kennedy and McCowan stations. Customers can speak with any uniformed TTC employee at either station to make use of this service.

This is the fourth of five scheduled closures on Line 3 this year as the TTC undertakes a complete rehabilitation of the tracks and vehicles to provide a more reliable and comfortable service over the next 10 years. The line will be decommissioned following the opening of the Scarborough Subway Extension. The final Line 3 closure is scheduled for Sept. 26-27.

Regular service will resume on Mon., Sept. 14 at 6 a.m.

Weekly Customer Service Report

Weekly Customer Service Report

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