Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Customer Charter magnifies TTC’s commitment to customer service

This week (Feb. 6), the TTC released its 2017 Customer Charter — our fifth consecutive Charter — with dozens of commitments to improve all aspects of your TTC from enhanced accessibility and safety to more reliable service. Since we launched our first Charter in 2013, the TTC has delivered more than 120 time-specific improvements to customer service, in addition to getting you from A to B.

This year’s Customer Charter contains 37 measurable actions that will be publicly tracked via my monthly report to the TTC Board and on the TTC website. Our offer this year includes such highlights as the opening of the Line 1 subway extension in December, the complete installation of Wi-Fi service across the network, introduction of a minimum of 40 more accessible, air-conditioned streetcars and more than 300 new buses and the continued rollout of PRESTO across the TTC.

Our work to make the TTC fully accessible will continue with three more stations upgraded with elevators by the end of 2017 and we will add a further 200 next-vehicle-arrival displays in bus and streetcar shelters, as well as upgraded cycling infrastructure at stations.

In addition to the new commitments in this year’s Charter, the TTC will continue to deliver on the positive initiatives that were started with the first Charter. These include holding at least three of our popular Meet the Manager sessions per quarter, holding an annual TTC Customer Town Hall, an annual TTC Public Forum on Accessible Transit, and posting the performance of all surface routes on our website so you know how your route is performing.

This is a big year for the TTC as we complete our first five-year modernization plan. I am confident that you will see and feel the improvements.

Ask TTC answers your questions about PRESTO

Are refill machines going to be installed at each Subway station? Thanks, H.P.

Answer: Hi H.P. Yes, eventually every subway station entrance will have a Fare Media Vending Device you’ll be able to use to buy a card, load your card with money or a TTC pass (such as monthly pass), check your balance, and purchase a limited use paper PRESTOcard. These machines won’t be available until later this year. Also, later this year you will be able to load your card with money at a third-party retailer. These details are still being finalized and we will let customers know when and where they can do this. You can always set Autoload up on your card so you never have to worry about whether you have to load money on your card. It is automatically done for you. You can learn more about Autoload at

Hi there, I recently went on a streetcar and used my PRESTO card. The driver told me I “don’t need a transfer anymore” when I reached to get one from him. I was puzzled as to why I did not need a transfer (as proof-of-payment). My question is if I needed to get on a subway or a bus to go to my final destination after the streetcar ride, without a transfer would I have to pay another fare? Thank you, F.A.

Answer: Hi F.A. Thanks for your question - it’s a great one! The reason you no longer need a paper transfer is because when you first tap your card on a card reader (subway station or vehicle) your transfer is written to your card. Fare inspectors can check your card on the hand-held PRESTOdevices they carry and they will see when you paid your fare. The only route that you need to get a paper transfer on is the 512 St Clair streetcar route and this is because this route has a two-hour time based transfer available. However, the PRESTOsystem doesn’t recognize the two-hour time based transfer so PRESTOcard customers would be charged again. And no, you would not pay another fare when transferring from the streetcar to a bus or into a subway station as long as your trip is a one-way continuous journey. For example, if you wanted to get off the streetcar at Yonge and Queen and enter Queen Station, you would tap your card when you board the streetcar, your fare would be deducted and a transfer would be written to your card. When you enter the subway station you would tap on the reader on the turnstile and it would recognize the transfer and no fare would be deducted.

Hello, In a recent TTC column of 24 Hours you stated: “At this time, seniors and students must travel to the TTC’s Customer Service Centre upstairs from Davisville Station to set a senior/ student discount on a PRESTO card” My card was set for a senior’s discount at the Weston UPX station. Are you saying my preset will be rescinded and I will have to travel to Davisville to have it reset? Thank you, R.L

Answer: Hi R.L. No. Once you have a senior concession set on your card, no matter where it was set, it will be valid. We are simply recommending people come to Davisville to set their concession due to our requirements around proof-of-eligibility for seniors and students, and this is currently the only location within the TTC where the concession can be set.

TTC tunnel work on Queens Quay

This weekend, beginning Fri., Feb. 10 at 9 p.m., shuttle buses will replace streetcars on the 509 Harbourfront route and portions of the 510/317 Spadina route as City of Toronto crews conduct a bridge inspection on Spadina Ave. and TTC crews perform overhead work in the Queens Quay tunnel.

Streetcar service returns to both routes Mon., Feb. 13 at 5 a.m.

For full information and route maps to help plan your trip, visit the Service Advisories page

Mount Dennis Division makes donation to children in need
Mount Dennis Division This week, the TTC’s Mount Dennis Division continued their tradition of donating winter coats to The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF), an initiative that began in 2014 when LEF identified a need for winter coats for children and youth in neighbourhoods surrounding the division. This year, the Mount Dennis Recreation Council raised $2000 and purchased more than 400 winter coats, which are now on their way to LEF’s community partners.
Employee Profile
Eulalee Smith - Bus Operator

Name: Eulalee Smith 
Position: Bus Operator
Years of service: 23

I started working for the TTC in 1995 at Wilson Division and I joined Mount Dennis when it opened in 2008. What I love about this job is the opportunity to do other work I really enjoy outside of my regular duties. I’m a people person, so I chose to be a part of the recreation council at my division because of the opportunities for fundraising and giving back to communities around us, which is my passion. I’ve worked as United Way coordinator, and other initiatives like our annual winter coat drive for children. When I retire, I want to travel the world and work with children and seniors.

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