Andy Byford - CEO of TTC TTC station construction, system testing progressing as planned

Earlier this week (Jan. 23), we gave the media a preview of the new Downsview Park Station, the most southerly of the six new stations being built for the Line 1 Yonge- University subway extension to Vaughan.

The visit was timely, not only because the station is now virtually complete, but also because it is a good example of the progress being made across a number of TTC projects. All six of the new stations will be fully accessible and Wi-Fi equipped from day one. They will feature new paddle-style PRESTO gates and self-service machines for quick, easy entry to the system with no more need for tokens or paper transfers. Customers will be greeted by a member of staff not confined to a Collector’s booth, but deployed in a new customer-facing role to assist as required.

Train service will be controlled by the new signal system that is being installed on Line 1 in phases between now and the end of 2019. Starting with the first phase, from Dupont to Wilson in the fall, Automatic Train Control (ATC) will transform the reliability of Line 1 service, adding much-needed capacity on our busiest subway.

Dowsview Park Station

Last weekend’s planned closure of Line 1, between St George and Downsview, brought that new signal system a big step closer. For the first time, we were able to test the new software using test trains, a key step to proving the integrity and reliability of the system. The tests went well and we were also able to install around 30,000 feet of cabling and other equipment.

In thanking customers for their ongoing patience while we upgrade the TTC, I am pleased to report that both ATC and the subway extension remain firmly on track.

IN REVIEW: What we accomplished last weekend
ATC Work

Last weekend, while Line 1 was closed between St George and Downsview stations, TTC crews were able to complete the following work on our new Automatic Train Control (ATC) system:

  • Initial testing of trains on the new system between Dupont and Yorkdale stations
  • Installation of a combined 13,215 metres of power, switch, and messenger cables
  • Wiring connection to 10 axle counter devices
  • Wiring connection to 5 Data Communication System junction boxes

For more information on signal systems, ATC and scheduled subway closures, visit the Service Advisories page at, and watch the new “Modernizing the signal system: 2017 subway closures” video on our YouTube channel.


“My 13 year-old son uses PRESTO on the TTC. I recently read that all children and students need a ‘PHOTO ID PRESTO CARD.’ Will my son need a new PRESTO card?”

Answer: Not yet. Eventually your 13-year-old son will need to get a new PRESTOcard with photo ID integrated into the card, but details are still being worked out. We will let you know with plenty of notice when your son should get a new PRESTOcard.

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Employee Profile
Louise Riggi-Wheel-Trans Dispatcher

Name: Louise Riggi 
Position: Wheel-Trans Dispatcher
Years of service: 6

As a dispatcher I help maintain on-time service for Wheel-Trans. Here we are the hub of Wheel-Trans at the TTC, keeping the schedules for the thousands of rides we provide to customers per day. Opportunity is what brought me to the TTC, but the people and customers I interact with every day are what keep me here. Here we have the opportunity to connect some of the TTC’s most vulnerable customers to their communities. Getting to know individual customers, their needs, and investing in their well-being by connecting them to our services is what keeps me going.

Accessibility Tip

People with disabilities have vastly differing physical abilities and limitations and may use a range of aids or devices to get around. These assistive devices may be walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs or scooters. Touching them is like touching the owner. Please don’t move them, don’t lean on them, and don’t put anything on them.

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