Andy Byford - CEO of TTC Nothing trumps safety on the TTC

At its meeting earlier this week (March 22), TTC Board Members received an update on the TTC Safe Service Action Plan that we implemented two years ago, to improve safety on our surface network.

With Toronto’s streets becoming ever busier, the operating environment for our streetcar, bus and Wheel-Trans operators has become increasingly challenging and it was with that in mind — and in response to a series of collisions — that I asked my service delivery team under Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, to implement a suite of safety improvements.

The TTC operates hundreds of millions of kilometres every year and, thanks to the professionalism of our operators, it has an excellent safety record. That said, we must never be complacent and we should always look for improvement.

As part of the safety plan, the TTC introduced a slew of changes that affected everything from workplace culture to recruitment, training and route scheduling.

The results have been extremely promising with reductions in the number of collisions, and the number and severity of injuries that ensued.

We are not stopping there. Our focus on employee and customer safety will continue to be our No. 1 priority on the subway, as well as the surface network, and most certainly behind the scenes as we maintain and renew the system.

New technology, such as state-of-the-art signals, provides further safety improvements, as does increasing the presence of our special constables on buses to provide reassurance and to keep customers and employees safe.

We are proud of our safety record and we are committed to working tirelessly to make it better yet.

IN REVIEW: What we accomplished last weekend
Track Work

Last weekend, Line 2 Bloor-Danforth was closed between Kennedy and Warden stations. The closure time allowed TTC crews to complete the following important state-of-good-repair maintenance work:

  • Replacement of approximately 400 ft. of rail 
  • Removal of Restricted Speed Zone near Warden Station
  • Track circuit reinstallation
  • Replacement of broken floor tiles and stairs at Warden Station

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we complete work that will make the TTC more modern, efficient and safer.

For more information on subway closures and surface diversions visit the Service Advisories page


Once the PRESTO rollout is complete will I still be able to pay my fare by cash when I get on the bus and subway? I only take the TTC a few times a year so I don’t want to put a large amount on a PRESTO card. — L

Answer: Hi L. – Thanks for your question. Yes, you will still be able to pay by cash on a bus. Every subway station entrance will have a machine called a Fare Media Vending Device which will accept cash and dispense a PRESTOcard. Since you don’t use the TTC often, you might want to purchase a limited use paper PRESTOcard, which will be available for single rides.

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Service changes coming March 27

Several service changes will take effect starting March 27, 2017 including service increases, service reliability improvements, route and schedule changes, and service adjustments on the following routes:

Service increases

  • 60 Steeles West
  • 165 Weston Rd North

Service reliability improvements/routing changes

  • 66 Prince Edward
  • 73 Royal York
  • 121 Fort York-Esplanade (effective Mar. 26)
  • 124 Sunnybrook

Service adjustments

  • 16 McCowan 
  • 64 Main
  • 106 York University
  • 131 Nugget
  • 165 Weston Rd North
Employee Profile
Sarah Currie - HR Project Co-ordinator

Name: Sarah Currie 
Position: Human Resources Project Co-ordinator
Years of service: 8

The great thing about working at the TTC is the diverse employment and development opportunities that are provided to its employees. As a Human Resources (HR) Project Co-ordinator I support various projects and initiatives outlined in our 5-year corporate plan. During my time at the TTC I have developed my project management, problem solving and communications skills by working in many areas of the organization, including Service Delivery, Plant Maintenance, Engineering Construction and Expansion, Corporate Communications, and Human Resources. I am currently focused on supporting projects in HR where I am able to combine my passion for communications and people. As the TTC continues on its path to modernization, I am proud and excited to support these initiatives.

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