Know your TTC

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The TTC is the third largest transit system in North America. Get to know how the TTC is investing for the future, improving customer service, is still the best deal on wheels, is contributing to a healthy economy and environment, and needs a better funding solution.

Stay informed

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You can plan your trip, get up-to-the-minute service information, and know for certain when the next vehicle will arrive at your stop with our online services.


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Commuter parking is available at select stations.

Service to Pearson International Airport

Image of TTC Bus at Pearson International Airport.

Find out how to get to Toronto Pearson Airport by TTC.

Points of interest

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Take transit to various destinations around Toronto and the GTA.


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Make cycling a part of your journey. We are committed to improving the integration of cycling and transit in Toronto.

TTC By-law No. 1

A by-law regulating the use of the Toronto Transit Commission local passenger transportation system.

Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

Many of our stations are equipped with Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off (PPUDO) locations.