Customer communication is one of the five key areas that you have told us is important to you. In 2013, we will continue to work on getting you the information you need, when it’s needed the most.

As promised, we will be conducting a pilot in the first quarter of 2013 of our new shelter maps and new bus stop poles. The newly designed shelter maps and bus stop poles can be found along the 94 Wellesley bus route between Castle Frank and Ossington subway stations.

The information displayed on our new maps and poles will assist you in making a more informed decision about where you want to go and the transit connections you need to reach your destination.

Shelter Maps

The new shelter map clearly shows where you are in the city, the routes available to you at your stop and where these routes travel to. Because the maps also show other stops and routes nearby, they provide alternate travel options for you if more than one route can bring you to your destination.

The map features a central geographic-based vicinity map that shows the stop you are at clearly labeled “You are here”. Nearby streets with TTC routes are also highlighted.

In the grey shaded area, all stops within a short walk are shown and beyond that only stops at major intersection are displayed. Route information, on the bottom left, lists all routes shown the endpoints between which they travel, and at what periods these routes are operating.

A subway connections map, lower right, puts these routes in context with the rapid transit network.

The new shelter maps include a map of the surrounding location, a list of routes for that stop and stops nearby, as well as a map showing where routes connect with Subway/RT stations, and route and service information.

These maps clearly show where the customer is in the city, the routes available to them and where these routes travel to.

Bus Stop Poles

The new poles will focus on key information and the service provided along the route. The new design will also provide information on how to receive real time information for the next bus arriving at a specific stop.

New bus stop poles

The poles will feature more information in a standardized format. Information will include separately coloured route number modules for standard routes, express routes and routes that require additional information, specific to the service. A legend is displayed as round badges near the bottom of the stop.


Standard Route Number

Special Route Number

Night Route Number

Express Route Number

Next Vehicle Arrival

Special Route Number


All Branches

Night Route

Express Route

Let us know how we are doing. Share your comments and suggestions with us on the new shelter maps and the bus stop information that we are providing you. We will be conducting an on-street intercept survey which will be done along the 94 Wellesley bus route.