Subway Map

subway system map graphic

Drag the map from left to right to reveal the entire map. You can highlight the features of a station by hovering over the station dot. Select that station to go to that Station Page.

System Map

a cropped image of the new system map

We have redesigned our system map to help you find your way around Toronto.


Accessible Subway Map (450kb) PDF file

a cropped image of the accessible TTC subway map

This printable version of the TTC Subway Map highlights the stations within the system that are equipped with accessible features such as elevators and barrier-free entryways.

Streetcar Network Map (840kb) PDF file

a cropped image of the TTC streetcar map

A new easy-to-follow map of the TTC’s streetcar network. The map identifies all of our regular streetcar service as well as limited service routes.


Downtown Map (250kb) PDF file

a cropped image of the downtown system map

A detailed view of TTC routes operating in the downtown area; from Bloor Street to Queens Quay, and from Bathurst Street to Parliament Street.

94 Wellesley Pilot Project

image sample of the pilot project map design

Newly designed bus stop poles and shelter system maps will provide more information and will be easier to read. A pilot program has been installed on the 94 Wellesley bus route.


Blue Night Network Map (1.4 MB) PDF file

image sample of the blue night network map

TTC all night bus service across Toronto, operating every 30 minutes or better, from approximately 1:30 am to 5:00 am is shown on this map.