Work description and purpose

As part of its grounds-maintenance program, TTC will be pruning some branches inside its streetcar loop on Kipling Avenue just north of Lake Shore Boulevard.

In addition to the pruning, TTC’s arborist recently inspected the area and identified several of the smaller trees growing into the chain-link fence along the west side of the loop creating weak points in the trees. For safety, the identified trees will be removed to eliminate the risk of them falling over in the future.

Three larger trees on the west side of the loop have also been identified for removal for the same reason. TTC will return at a later date to remove these trees once permits have been received from the City. Pending permit approval, three new trees will be replanted in the loop to replace the larger trees.


  • TTC Grounds Maintenance crews will remove the identified trees on the west side of the loop behind 5, 7 and 9 Nineteenth Street. This work can take from a few days to one week.
  • The existing chain-link fence along the west side of the loop will be removed and replaced with new chain-link.
  • All work will be conducted from inside TTC property and will take between 5 to 7 days.
  • When needed, the backyards of our neighbouring properties will be barricaded with a snow fence during the chain-link fence removal.

Work hours

Crews will be on-site starting on Tuesday, April 11. This work will take place during the daytime for approximately two weeks, pending weather.

For further information:

Diego Sinagoga, Community Liaison, 416-393-2197;