Work description and purpose

TTC subway service was temporarily suspended in the west end Monday evening as part of a Toronto Fire investigation. The incident occurred on the eastbound track, in the open section just west of Islington Station.

The cause of the fire was identified as a track lubricator situated between Islington and Kipling stations, which has since been disconnected. The lubricator system is used to help reduce the higher than normal squeal noise that is generated when trains operate through curved rail.

TTC subway staff will be working starting tonight after subway service ends to conduct a cleanup of the area, which includes replacing old ballast (stones) that have been contaminated with grease with new ballast. To remove the old ballast, a vacuum work-car will be used at track level. This method, which can only be done at night when subway service ends for safety, will generate some noise as this area is in the open-air section of the subway.

In addition, while the grease lubricator is disconnected, there will likely be increased squealing noise when subways go by the curved rail in this area. TTC subway staff will work to conduct the cleanup and lubricator repairs as quickly as possible.

For further information:

Paul Tran, Community Liaison, 416-981-1601;