Work description and purpose

TTC has identified an urgent rail repair on Lake Shore Boulevard at Mimico Avenue. Work is planned to start on Monday, May 7.

Work will require milling and chipping concrete to expose small sections of track for repairs and will take approximately two to three days to complete, pending weather. The work area will be re-opened to traffic after new concrete has had adequate time to cure.

Traffic and pedestrian restrictions

  • Crews will occupy the streetcar track allowance (centre lane) to conduct the repair.
  • Traffic will be maintained in both directions through the work area.
  • Some turning restrictions may be required to create a safe work zone for the crew.
  • Some street parking may be restricted through the work area.

Work hours and timeline

Rail work of this nature is required around-the-clock to ensure quality installation of new rail and concrete. The majority of the work will be done between 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Concrete pouring will likely occur overnight.

The following is the general sequence of work:

  • Starting at approximately 7 a.m. after the work zone is established, a track crew will begin minor concrete excavation to expose the rail to be replaced. Concrete chipping will follow to completely expose the rail. Work will continue into the next morning.
  • Old rail will be replaced with the new rail, which will involve some cutting and welding/grinding.
  • Concrete will be placed in the track area and set to cure. The newly placed concrete requires curing time before the work zone is removed for the resumption of full road use.

Thank you for your patience during this repair.

For further information:

Paul Tran, Community Liaison, 416-981-1601;