Work description and purpose

As part of this year's City/TTC Lake Shore Boulevard West track reconstruction project, Lake Shore Boulevard West at the Humber Loop entrance/exit will undergo track reconstruction and duct work starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, December 4 until mid-day on Saturday, December 16.*

*The need to extend the westbound lane closure resulted from an unexpected change in work on Lake Shore Boulevard West at the Humber Loop entrance/exit. To comply with Enbridge safety regulations deep test pits were required, the contractor has had to locate a vital gas main and other underground utilities before proceeding with the track work. The westbound lane closure of Lake Shore Boulevard near Humber Loop will be extended for five additional days. Crews will work diligently to re-open the westbound lane by mid-day on December 16.

Work hours

During the phase when new rail is being assembled and installed, work will be conducted on a 24-hour basis. Working around-the-clock is a necessity in order to complete the crossing on schedule and re-open the westbound traffic lane as quickly as possible. The loudest work, such as breaking concrete is not expected to go past 11 p.m. Other related work such as; grading, formwork, concrete pouring and new rail installation/assembly will be conducted as required and as work progresses.

Traffic Restrictions

  • Eastbound on Lake Shore Boulevard West will be maintained through the work zone.
  • Local westbound traffic on Lake Shore Boulevard West will not be permitted between Palace Pier Court and Brookers Lane.
  • Marine Parade Drive (east end) and Palace Pier Court at Lake Shore Boulevard West will be limited to right turns only. To access westbound Lake Shore Boulevard West or the Gardiner Expressway ramp, local traffic must use Waterfront Drive and Marine Parade Drive as shown in map.

TTC Service

501/301 Queen, 66B Prince Edward and 145 Downtown/Humber Bay Express service routings will not be affected by the work at the track crossing.

Sidewalk access

The south sidewalk will be maintained.

Upcoming work

Further updates regarding the remaining work will be delivered in the coming weeks.

For further information:

City project questions - Shahid Virk, Project Manager, 416-338-5542,

TTC track questions - Diego Sinagoga, Senior Community Liaison Officer, 416-393-2197;