What are we doing and why?

As part of the TTC’s commitment to provide accessible transit, construction will begin at Lansdowne Station. The work will involve the installation of new elevators. Lansdowne Station is scheduled to become accessible at the end of 2021.

Easier Access improvements:

  • Barrier-free path from the main entrance to all levels of the station
  • Three elevators to access eastbound and westbound platforms
  • Automatic sliding station entry doors
  • Improved signage and CCTV – Security cameras along the accessible pathway
  • Lansdowne Station will receive public art in accordance with the Public Art Policy.

What to expect and work hours:

  • Most of the construction for the elevators will take place in the Green P Carpark Lot 81 behind the Station’s Main Entrance (work will start as early as July, 2019 and is expected to be in place until the end of 2021).
  • Construction vehicles/equipment will access the work zone from Lansdowne Avenue during this time.
  • Parking spots will be reduced however construction will be conducted in phases to keep the parking lot partially open for customer use. There will be no access to the Green P Carpark 81 from Lansdowne Avenue (this will be a construction vehicles access only). Access to the parking lot will be from St. Clarens Avenue lot entrance only.
  • Tree removal and protection in Green P lot area is expected as early as August, 2019.
  • In order to complete the elevator work safely, the main entrance escalator will be shut down for a period of time (TBD). Signs will be in place.
  • The majority of work will take place between Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Some overnight and weekend work will be required during the course of this project in order to complete the work as quickly as possible.
  • Noise, dust and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. Efforts will be made to keep levels to a minimum.

Transit, Pedestrian, Cycling and Vehicular Access

  • Through-traffic and TTC bus access will be maintained on Lansdowne Avenue.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained – safe detours and signage will be in place.
  • Bike parking will be temporarily removed (will be replaced where possible).
  • Access to Lansdowne Station, stores and residential driveways, and parking near the work zone will be maintained.

Thank you for your support as we work to provide an accessible transit system.

For further information:

Denise Jayawardene, Community Liaison, 416-393-6937, denise.jayawardene@ttc.ca.