Starting Friday, April 16, Hydro One is scheduled to begin work on Main Street between Doncaster Avenue and the Main Street Station. This work requires a diversion of TTC buses in this community.

Hydro One advises that this section of Main Street is scheduled to reopen to TTC buses by mid-May if conditions are suitable for safe vehicle operations. Construction inquiries can be made by contacting Hydro One - Leaside by Main Project; Jim Goodfellow at 416-414-9438.

TTC service changes

62 Mortimer route

  • Buses will be diverted to and from Main Street Station both ways via; Chisholm Avenue between Doncaster Avenue and Danforth Avenue.

87 Cosburn route

  • Northbound buses will be diverted from Main Street Station via; Chisholm Avenue between Doncaster Avenue and Danforth Avenue.
  • Southbound buses will divert to Main Street Station via: east on Doncaster Avenue and south on Barrington Avenue to Danforth Avenue.

We regret any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of these necessary diversions.

Upcoming work at Main Street Station requiring service changes

Starting on Monday, May 14, 2018 TTC will undertake streetcar track renewal, streetcar overhead wire upgrades and structural pavement improvements at its Main Street Station requiring the bus/streetcar loop to be closed until September 1, 2018.

During this period, all surface routes that service the station will be restricted from entering the station’s loop and will divert in the community. The station will remain open and accessible to customers for subway service during the work. Construction and service details will be provided at a later date.