Work description and purpose

Additional maintenance work is required to clear obstructions in the sewer/drainage system at Old Mill Station. This maintenance work is conducted at track level can only be undertaken when the subway is not operating.

  • This work is scheduled to be conducted during the early morning of Thursday, September 20 after Wednesday subway service ends. If additional maintenance is required, the crew will return on Thursday, September 27.
  • A high-pressure water system and a high-pressure vacuum system will be used to carry out this work at track level. This method of removing the obstruction and residue is efficient and quick. Noise will be evident when work is in full operation.

Point of Access

The truck will be parked in front of Old Mill Station at the station’s main entrance in the bus loop. This is the nearest access point to the drainage system where the hoses from the truck will be guided to track level.

Work hours

The crew will be onsite shortly after 2 a.m. Work will begin soon after subway service ends and a power-cut to the subway rails is performed/confirmed. The crew will leave the station prior to the start of morning subway service.

Thank you for your patience while we carry out this essential maintenance work.

For further information:

Paul Tran, Community Liaison Officer, 416-981-1601;