As part of the commission process of the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) and its commitment to enhancing safety, the Toronto Transit Commission will conduct several emergency exercises to test the effectiveness of emergency planning, equipment and training.

Emergency Simulation

On Wednesday, November 22 from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., the TTC will be conducting Emergency Simulation #2, in York Region, in the tunnel north of the Highway 407 Station. Key elements in the exercise include: observing/evaluating protocols and procedures, and examining opportunities for improvements.

The general scenario involves an emergency response to evacuate a subway train in the tunnel leaving Highway 407 Station while maintaining operations elsewhere in the transit system. There will be emergency services and TTC activity both at Highway 407 Station and at the Emergency Exit Building (EEB) on Interchange Way just west of Jane Street. Vaughan Fire Services will access the site using the EEB on Interchange Way. The exercise will involve approximately 350 participants in passenger roles.

White non-toxic theatrical smoke will be used during this activity to simulate the emergency situation. The smoke will emanate through the tunnel vent shafts at various locations, i.e. at the station and Jane Street. A mega-phone may be used intermittently during the exercise. Activity during this simulation will be apparent at street level.

During the exercise the participants will be evacuated from the subway tunnel at Highway 407 Station at approximately 9 a.m. to a place of safety on the adjacent parking lot. The simulation will be completed by 4 p.m.

Emergency Response Services

York (YRT), Vaughan (VIVA), GO Transit, Vaughan emergency services (Police, Fire and Paramedics), will participate in the exercise and have a large presence at the site. Additionally, 911 Emergency Dispatch is of course informed.

TTC service

The bus services on Jane Street will operate normally during the exercise. There will be no interruption to transit services.

For further information:

  • Theresa Buck, Community Liaison, for enquires 416-397-8644;
  • Ryan Duggan, On-site Exercise Director; cell: 416 990-3897