Starting January 8, 2017

Buses will temporarily replace streetcars west of Roncesvalles Avenue, on The Queensway and Lake Shore Boulevard, and will bypass Humber Loop.

  • 501/301 Queen streetcars will operate between Roncesvalles Avenue, downtown, and Neville Park Loop.
  • 501L/301L Queen buses will operate between Dufferin Street (Dufferin Gate Loop) and Long Branch Loop, via Queen Street, The Queensway, Windermere Avenue, and Lake Shore Boulevard.
  • 501M Queen will operate a clockwise service linking The Queensway with Lake Shore Boulevard, Marine Parade Drive, and Park Lawn Road.

Customers can transfer between streetcars and buses at any point between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue. When transferring between 501 Queen streetcars and buses using PRESTO, do not tap onto the next vehicle when boarding.

80A Queensway buses will operate along The Queensway and Parkside Drive to Keele Station, all day, every day. 66B Prince Edward buses will continue to provide service on Lake Shore Boulevard and Marine Parade, all day, every day.

Map showing 501/301 Queen diversions

Close up view of 301L Queen routing between Windermere Avenue and Park Lawn Road:

Detail map showing the routing of the 301 routing between Windermere Avenue and Park Lawn Road