As part of the Annual Service Plan 2021, new periods of service will be introduced on 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS on weekday midday and early evening periods. 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS will be extended to Highway 27 during the daytime, and Martin Grove Road in the early evening period, replacing the 60B (Finch Stn-Martin Grove) and 60D (Finch Stn-Hwy 27) branches on 60 STEELES WEST. This change will provide a faster trip for customers travelling from west of Pioneer Village Station to Finch Station, and reduce transfers for Steeles West customers. The route west of Pioneer Village Station will serve all local stops.

With the introduction of new periods of express service on 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS, the 60D (Finch Stn-Highway 27) and 60B (Finch Stn-Martin Grove) branches will be replaced by new express Monday-Friday in the morning peak, midday, afternoon peak, and early evening periods. Overall, service levels on the Steeles West corridor will be improved.