Service reliability improvement and routing change

The schedules will be revised during the peak periods and midday from Monday to Friday, in order to improve the reliability of the service. As part of this change, the 73A (Royal York Station-Dixon Rd) peak period branch will be extended to Knob Hill Drive/Oak Street, and will be renamed the 73D (Royal York Station-Knob Hill & Oak) branch.

Stops on Dixon Road, Roxaline Street and Royaleigh Avenue will no longer be served.

There will be minor changes to service levels during the peak periods.

Routing details

73D northbound: From Royal York Station, north on Royal York Road, north on St Phillips Road, north on Weston Road, east and south on Knob Hill Drive to Oak Street.

73D southbound: From Knob Hill Drive and Oak Street, west on Oak Street, south on Weston Road, south on St Phillips Road, south on Royal York Road to Royal York Station.

 Map of route 73D Royal York