Temporary change

An extended 74A Mt Pleasant (St Clair Station-Doncliffe) route will temporarily replace the 103 Mt Pleasant North route, as Line 5 Eglinton construction will restrict bus operation between Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue.

Service will operate from St Clair Station to Doncliffe Loop. Service levels and hours of operation will be largely unchanged.

Customers travelling to or from Eglinton Station will have to transfer between east-west buses and the extended 74 Mt Pleasant route at Eglinton and Mt Pleasant.

Routing details

Northbound: From St Clair Station (Pleasant Boulevard temporary stop), west on Pleasant Boulevard, north on Yonge Street, east on St Clair Avenue, north on Mt Pleasant Road to Doncliffe Loop.
Southbound: From Doncliffe Loop, south on Mt Pleasant Road, west on St Clair Avenue, south on Avoca Avenue, west on Pleasant Boulevard to temporary bus stop.

Map of route 74 Mt Pleasant