Maintaining subway infrastructure in a state-of-good-repair is critical to ensuring a safe, reliable transit system. While the TTC does much of its maintenance work on the subway at the conclusion of service each night, it will continue to require weekend closures to complete improvements to infrastructure and signals, such as automatic train control. One weekend of work during a subway closure equals about five weeks of nightly work.

The TTC thanks you for your patience and understanding during our subway closures.

Schedule subject to change.

Line 1: Lawrence to St Clair closure March 23

Line 1: Bloor-Yonge to St Andrew nightly early closures March 25 - 28

Line 1: St Clair West to Union closure March 30 and 31

April 2019

Line 1: St Clair West to Union nightly early closures April 1 to 4 - REVISED

Line 1: Lawrence to St Clair closure April 6 and 7

Line 2: St George to Broadview opening late April 7 - REVISED

Line 1: St Clair West to Union nightly early closures April 8 to 11

Line 1: Bloor-Yonge to Osgoode closure April 13 and 14

Line 1: Wilson to St Clair West nightly early closures April 15 to 18

Line 1: St Andrew to Bloor-Yonge nightly early closures April 22 to 25

Line 2: Victoria Park to Kennedy closure April 27 and 28

Line 1: St Clair West to Union nightly early closures April 29 to May 2