5 Service Alerts

UPDATE: 84 Sheppard West: Detour eastbound via Senlac Rd, Harlandale Ave and Quilter Rd, and westbound via Bangor Rd, Burnett Ave and Senlac Rd due to a collision.

Last updated Nov 14, 7:16 PM

98 Willowdale-Senlac: Detour westbound via Bangor Rd, Elmhurst Ave and Senlac Rd, and eastbound via Elmhurst Ave, Bangor Rd due to a collision.

Last updated Nov 14, 7:04 PM

Scarborough Centre: Elevator out of service between Line 3 eastbound platform, concourse and Scarborough Town Centre entrance and bus platform.

Last updated Nov 13, 3:59 PM

Ossington: Elevator out of service between Ossington Ave west side entrance, concourse and Line 2 eastbound platform.

Last updated Nov 5, 5:51 PM

Bathurst: Elevator on westbound subway platform to street level, out of service for planned overhaul until March 2020.

Last updated Nov 5, 5:50 PM

Please note that in the event of a subway service delay, shuttle buses will be deployed to assist passengers. However, shuttle buses cannot carry the same passenger volume as a subway.