Various TTC customers with access needs are seen within TTC stations and modes of transport.

The Family of Services (FOS) Pilot is an important initiative that will help transform the way TTC delivers accessible public transit services. The insight gathered through this pilot will help us learn how TTC’s Wheel-Trans and  conventional transit services (bus and subway) can work together to provide seniors and customers with disabilities with more freedom and flexibility.

How the Family of Services Pilot works

A Family of Services trip is when a Wheel-Trans customer uses conventional transit (subway, bus or Community Bus) for part of, or all of, their journey. During the Pilot, Wheel-Trans will connect you to accessible subway stations and/or bus stops, and from there, you can make your way to your final destination. You will receive access to an online or telephone survey so that you can provide feedback after each trip.

Pilot Phase Type of Wheel-Trans Trip Status
1 Customer drop-offs at subway stations May 30 to August 7
2 Customer drop-offs and pick-ups at subway stations August 8 to October 22
3 Customer drop-offs and pick-ups at subway stations
Customer drop-offs at select bus stops
Begins October 23
4 Customer drop-offs and pick-ups at subway stations
Customer drop-offs and pick-ups at select bus stops
Begins early 2018

Information about current phase of pilot – Phase 3

During phase three, customer volunteers are invited to book trips to select bus stops along the following conventional bus routes: 29 Dufferin, 84 Sheppard West, 85 Sheppard East95 York Mills and 97 Yonge. See Family of Services Map  for a complete list of Shared Wheel-Trans Stops and routes across the city.

Booking your Family of Services trip
Booking a trip to a designated bus stop is very similar to booking to a subway or any other destination. Schedules and maps for each of these five bus routes are available online.

Booking by phone: We’re trip planning experts and can plan your entire Family of Services trip from start to finish. Contact us through the dedicated Family of Services phone line: 416-397-5852. Just let us know what your final destination is going to be, and we’ll recommend the best Family of Services route to get you there.

Book online: You can easily find the bus stop or subway station you’d like to connect to using the search tool in the online booking website ( For bus stops, you can search using the stop ID or street name. For subway stations, you can search using the station name.

About Shared Wheel-Trans Stops
The stops you can book trips to along the designated routes are identified on the Family of Services Map as Shared Wheel-Trans Stops. They have been thoughtfully selected to ensure that they are right for Wheel-Trans customers. All stops meet or exceed City of Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines or AODA requirements. The Shared Wheel-Trans Stops:

  • are fully accessible;
  • include a shelter and a bench;
  • have ample sidewalk and room for disembarking.

Stops were chosen in pairs so that customers can select in which direction they would like to travel along each route. For example, Eastbound Family of Services stops are across the street from Westbound Family of Services stops.

How you can participate in the pilot:

If you currently take the subway or bus, this Pilot may be right for you. You can choose to book your same-day or in-advance FOS trips by phone or online. We can also assist with trip planning to ensure you have peace of mind along the way.

Keep in mind, your participation in the FOS Pilot will not exclude you from being able to access Wheel-Trans door-to-door service. We understand that not everyone can use conventional transit all of the time.

To become a customer volunteer, please email or call 416-393-4111.

Benefits of participating in the Pilot:

  • Receive guaranteed same-day service. You can book your trip up to four hours before your desired arrival time.
  • Experience shorter wait-times when you book your trip through our new dedicated FOS phone line.
  • Shape accessible transit. Your involvement and feedback will help determine the future of accessible transit in Toronto.

Travel with confidence

Wheel-Trans is committed to ensuring that your journey is as smooth as possible, regardless of how you choose to travel. When you book a FOS trip, our staff will do their best to alert you to any service related incidents that arise on your day of travel, and suggest alternative routes or stops. With our new dedicated FOS phone line, we’re just a phone call away if you need help.

To support our customers, the TTC has begun planning a travel training program to promote independence and freedom of travel. It is anticipated that a program will be developed and implemented as the Family of Services expands.

We encourage all customers who are able to do so, to integrate conventional transit into their journey, i.e. take a Wheel-Trans ride from your home to your nearest accessible conventional transit stop, and take the bus, subway or streetcar to your final destination.