Customer using a wheel-chair at Dufferin StationWheel-Trans customer at Dufferin MallCustomer using wheelchair boards a TTC bus

Family of Services is expanding to better serve you!

With 19 routes in total, including 512 St Clair, a number of Express Bus routes, Family of Services is more flexible than ever in helping get you where you need to go.

Check out our Family of Services map to see how many route options are available near you.

What is Family of Services?

A Family of Services Trip takes place when a Wheel-Trans customer uses the TTC's conventional transit for a part of their journey.

Wheel-Trans (door-to-door service) is part of the TTC's Family of Services, which includes conventional bus, community bus, subway and accessible streetcar routes. Depending on a customer's abilities and the type of service they are eligible for, Wheel-Trans customers may be able to use Family of Services.

Wheel-Trans customers who use Family of Services have more independent and flexible travel options. Whether you're headed to the local grocery store, to an appointment or to visit friends and family, using the TTC's Family of Services will connect you to your destination.

Travelling on the TTC's Family of Services

Whether you would like to book a same-day or in-advance trip, you can book your Family of Services trip using the following:

  • Family of Services phone line: Access dedicated Reservationists, who will personally plan your trip from start to finish. Call Family of Services Reservations at 416-397-5852 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  • Self-booking website: Use the Wheel-Trans self-booking website to book a Family of Services trip by going to The self-booking website is available 24/7!

To book a Family of Services trip, simply know the date and time that you want to travel along with your starting location and final destination, and the system will calculate an accessible route with Wheel-Trans service.

See the Family of Services map for a complete list of bus stops and subway stations that you can connect to across the city.

We are committed to ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible, regardless of how you choose to travel. When you book a Family of Services trip, our staff will do their best to alert you to any service-related incidents that arise on your day of travel, and suggest alternative routes or stops. With our dedicated Family of Services phone line, we’re just a phone call away if you need help.

Family of Services Transfer Points

Accessible transfer stops are specifically chosen for every Family of Services route where a customer can transfer between their Wheel-Trans vehicle and the conventional TTC. These stops have been thoughtfully selected to ensure they are right for Wheel-Trans customers. All stops meet or exceed City of Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines or Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) requirements.

Each Family of Services route has a number of transfer points. Customers can be picked up or dropped off by their Wheel-Trans connecting ride. Most of the transfer points have a shared stop pole featuring a Wheel-Trans decal with a blue No-Show Ticket Posting attached to a regular stop pole.

Some stops have their own individual Wheel-Trans pole, placed in view of the stop shelter. Customers should always look for the blue No-Show Ticket Posting when waiting for a Wheel-Trans connection.

Shared Wheel-Trans stops:

  • Are accessible
  • Include a shelter and bench
  • Are paired so that customers can select in which direction they would like to travel along each route. For example, Eastbound Family of Services stops are across the street from Westbound Family of Services stops

Access Hubs 

Formerly referred to as Mobility Transfer Hubs, Access Hubs will provide customers with a more comfortable place to wait when transferring between Wheel-Trans and other TTC vehicles. For many Wheel-Trans customers, weather and time-of day can have an impact on their ability to use conventional transit. The Access Hubs will be dry and well-lit; spacious enough for multiple mobility devices; have automatic doors and provide generous seating.

There will be 16 Hubs across the City and currently 14 are scheduled for construction in 9 key locations over the next several months These hubs, which are partially funded by the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, will support our Family of Services model, by making connections to conventional transit easier for Wheel-Trans customers.

TTC Family of Services Routes with Shared Wheel-Trans Stops

 Map of Toronto showing the location of the 16 Access Hubs at 11 key locations. The locations of future and in-service hubs with the connecting TTC routes are described on the map as well. There are two Access Hubs in service. One at Meadowvale Loop, connecting customers to 85 Sheppard East, 985 Sheppard East Express, 86 Scarborough and 986 Scarborough Express. The other one at Humber College North Campus, connecting customers to the 927 Highway 27 Express, 96 Wilson and 996 Wilson Express, as well as YRT, MiWay and Zum services.

View a PDF of the TTC Family of Services with Shared Wheel-Trans Stops Map

Access Hubs facilitate transfers to the following TTC services:

Meadowvale Loop

  • 85 - Sheppard East
  • 985 – Sheppard East Express
  • 86 – Scarborough
  • 986 – Scarborough Express

Humber College

  • 927 – Highway 27 Express
  • 96 – Wilson
  • 996 – Wilson Express

Jane/Eglinton (SW and NE)

  • 35 – Jane
  • 935 – Jane Express
  • 32 – Eglinton West

Ellesmere /Victoria Park (SE and NW)

  • 24 – Victoria Park
  • 924 – Victoria Park Express
  • 95 – York Mills
  • 995 – York Mills Express

Ellesmere/Neilson (SW and NW)

  • 38 – Highland Creek
  • 95 – York Mills
  • 133 – Neilson
  • 995 – York Mills Express

Long Branch Loop

  • 123 – Sherway
  • 110 – Islington South
  • 501 – Queen

Freshmeadow/Don Mills

  • 51 – Leslie
  • 25 – Don Mills
  • 925 – Don Mills Express

Kipling/Dixon (SW and NW)

  • 45 – Kipling
  • 945 – Kipling Express
  • 52 – Lawrence West
  • 952 – Lawrence West Express

Bingham Loop

  • 12 – Kingston Road
  • 24 – Victoria Park
  • 924 – Victoria Park Express
  • 503 – Kingston Rd (Pending accessible vehicles on route)

Overlea/Thorncliffe (SW and NW)

  • 25 – Don Mills
  • 925 – Don Mills Express
  • 100 – Flemingdon Park
  • 81 – Thorncliffe Park

Yonge/Steeles (SE)

  • 97 - Yonge
  • 53 – Steeles East
  • 953 – Steeles East Express
  • 60 – Steeles West
  • 960 – Steeles West Express