Customer using a wheel-chair at Dufferin StationWheel-Trans customer at Dufferin MallCustomer using wheelchair boards a TTC bus

You're more connected than ever

Wheel-Trans is a part of the TTC's Family of Services, which includes conventional bus, community bus, subway and streetcar service. Depending on a customer's abilities and the type of service they are eligible for, Wheel-Trans can be used for all or a part of a customer's journey.

With Family of Services, Wheel-Trans customers have more independent and flexible travel options. Whether you're headed to the local grocery store, to an appointment, or to visit friends and family, TTC's Family of Services may be able to connect you to your destination.

Riding the TTC's Family of Services

A Family of Services Trip happens when a Wheel-Trans customer uses the TTC's conventional transit services for all of or a part of their journey. To book a Wheel-Trans trip to a subway station or a bus stop by phone, call the dedicated Family of Services line: 416-397-5852. Whether you would like to book a same-day or in-advance trip, you can call the dedicated Family of Services line and we can personally plan your entire trip from start to finish. All you have to do is know what your final destination is going to be. See the Family of Services Map for a complete list of bus stops and subway stations that you can connect to across the city

Wheel-Trans is committed to ensuring that your journey is as smooth as possible, regardless of how you choose to travel. When you book a Family of Services trip, our staff will do their best to alert you to any service related incidents that arise on your day of travel, and suggest alternative routes or stops. With our new dedicated Family of Services phone line, we’re just a phone call away if you need help.

Booking your Family of Services trip

Booking a trip to a designated bus stop is very similar to booking to a subway or any other destination. Schedules and maps for each of these five bus routes are available online.

Booking by phone: We’re trip planning experts and can plan your entire Family of Services trip from start to finish. Contact us Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through the dedicated Family of Services phone line: 416-397-5852. Just let us know what your final destination is going to be, and we’ll recommend the best Family of Services route to get you there.

Book online: You can easily find the bus stop or subway station you’d like to connect to using the search tool in the online booking website ( For bus stops, you can search using the stop ID or street name. For subway stations, you can search using the station name.

About Shared Wheel-Trans Stops

The stops you can book trips to along the designated routes are identified on the Family of Services Map as Shared Wheel-Trans Stops. They have been thoughtfully selected to ensure that they are right for Wheel-Trans customers. All stops meet or exceed City of Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines or AODA requirements.

The Shared Wheel-Trans Stops:

  • are fully accessible;
  • include a shelter and a bench;
  • have ample sidewalk and room for disembarking.

Stops were chosen in pairs so that customers can select in which direction they would like to travel along each route. For example, Eastbound Family of Services stops are across the street from Westbound Family of Services stops.

Travel with confidence

We encourage all customers who are able to do so, to integrate conventional transit into their journey, i.e. take a Wheel-Trans ride from your home to your nearest accessible conventional transit stop, and take the bus, subway or streetcar to your final destination.

If a person has never taken conventional transit and would like to learn how, Wheel-Trans offers personalized, 60-minute training sessions that helps customers learn how to use the TTC's conventional transit services independently. Training will be customized to fit lifestyle, travel needs and abilities. Participants will learn how to plan their trip, navigate the TTC, pay fare, board vehicles, request accessible features and tips for when unexpected challenges, such as delays and closures arise. To learn more or participate in travel training, please contact or 416-393-4111.

TTC's Handbook on Accessible Travel:

This is a useful guide to travelling safely and independently on Toronto's transit system. If you would like to receive a print version of this guide, please contact Wheel-Trans Customer Service.

Upcoming  Enhancements to Family of Services

Due to the success of the Family of Services (FOS) Pilot, Wheel-Trans is going to continue to offer this convenient and spontaneous service for our customers. As a result, later this summer, we will be expanding  our routes and providing more travel options across the GTA. Stay tuned for more details!

And, remember,  if you schedule your Family of Services trip on the day you plan on travelling, and give Wheel-Trans at least four hours’ notice, we will guarantee your ride.

Facts about Family of Services

  • Fact: Wheel-Trans door-to-door service is a critical part of the overall Family of Services that we provide to our customers, it will always be available for those who need it. . Through Family of Services, we are improving your travel options to provide you with greater spontaneity, dignity and independence.
  • Fact: We will work with you to match your accessible travel options to your abilities. We understand that not everyone can use conventional transit all of the time.
  • Fact: We will plan and provide support for your journey on transit. We are here to ensure you are provided with a safe and reliable trip that supports your independence and dignity.
  • Fact: Our staff will closely monitor any delays on the conventional service so you don’t have to worry about missing your Wheel-Trans ride.
  • Fact: Many Wheel-Trans customers use the Family of Services each and every day and really enjoy the freedom.  We provided well over 50,000 trips in 2017   
  • Fact:  TTC operators receive intensive training on how to accommodate customers who use mobility devices and how to safely secure these devices i.e. wheelchairs and scooters

Wheel-Trans pick-ups at subway stations and bus stops

Please note, Wheel-Trans buses and accessible taxis cannot idle at subway station or on-street bus stops. If you are waiting at a stop when the Wheel-Trans vehicle arrives, you will be boarded safely. If you are not there, the bus will circle around and return five minutes after the scheduled time to accommodate you. If you still have not arrived at the designated pick-up location, the driver will post a No-show Notice. If you receive a No-show Notice, please contact the Priority Line at 416-393-4311 to arrange for another ride.