Family of Services describes the bundle of transportation services that are available to TTC Wheel-Trans customers. The Family of Services that are currently available includes both specialized door-to-door transit and conventional transit services such as accessible bus, subway and streetcars.

The Family of Services Pilot Program will begin in mid-2017 on a volunteer basis only. The pilot will help us learn about how persons with disabilities can use conventional services such as the bus, subway and streetcar.

If you are interested in being part of the pilot, please contact Wheel-Trans at or 416-393-4111.

We encourage all customers who are able to do so, to integrate their Wheel-Trans trips with conventional transit, i.e. take a Wheel-Trans ride from your home to your nearest accessible conventional transit stop. Integrating Wheel-Trans with conventional transit, where possible, increases our customers' independence and freedom and spontaneity of travel.

To support our customers in this change, the TTC has begun planning a travel training program for our customers in order to promote independence and freedom of travel. It is anticipated that a program will be developed and implemented as the Family of Services expands.