All Service Alerts

Unplanned Service Disruptions

Service Alert:

Line 1: Minor delays northbound to Finch near Union while we respond to a medical emergency.

Last updated at 6:04 PM

Service Alert:

Eglinton West: Elevator out of service between Eglinton Ave W entrance and Line 1 northbound platform.

Last updated at 5:37 PM

Service Alert:

Route 52: Detour via Kipling Ave, Dixon Rd, Islington Ave and The Westway due to a collision.

Last updated at 4:58 PM

Service Alert:

Route 118: Detour via Byng Ave due to construction.

Last updated at 3:07 PM

Service Alert:

Route 40: Detour via Keele St and Annette St due to a fire.

Last updated at 1:57 PM

Service Alert:

Spadina: Elevator out of service between Spadina Rd east side entrance and concourse.

Last updated at 9:39 AM

Service Alert:

Route 37: No service southbound from Bergamot Ave to Islington Ave due to construction.

Last updated at 9:21 AM

Service Alert:

Route 510: No service between Union Stn and Spadina Ave. 510 route available at Queen's Quay and Spadina.

Last updated at Aug 19, 4:43 PM

Please note that in the event of a subway service delay, shuttle buses will be deployed to assist passengers. However, shuttle buses cannot carry the same passenger volume as a subway.