Meeting No. 1786

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

1:00 P.M.

Committee Room #2 (2nd Floor)

City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration Of Interest

Minutes Of The Previous Meetings

• Meeting No. 1785 - May 8, 2000

Business Arising Out Of Minutes


– 2:00 p.m.

Commissioners’ Correspondence


1. Award of Merit Presentation - Surface Operator Daniel Bell

2. HVAC Safety Award

Budget Matters

3. Chief General Manager's Report - Period 3 February 27 to April 1, 2000

Procurement Matters

4. Procurement Authorization Wheel-Trans Garage Miscellaneous HVAC Modifications Contract WT1-10

5. Procurement Authorization Key Station Accessibility Queen's Park Station Contract U45-1

6. Procurement Authorization Queensway Bus Garage Paving & Culvert Replacement Contact F35-2

7. Procurement Authorization Rosedale Valley Bridge - Structure Rehabilitation Contract D3-3

8. Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Supply and Installation of Public Address, Closed Circuit Television and Intercom Systems Contract SH-00-X03

9. Procurement Authorization Purchase Order Amendment for Supply of Lumber

10. Procurement Authorization Rental of Cranes

11. Procurement Authorization Replacement of Mechanical Turnstiles

12. Procurement Authorization City of Toronto Sidewalk and Curb Repairs

13. Procurement Authorization Supply of Montgomery Escalator Refurbishment Kits

14. Purchase of Bus Delco Remy Parts

15. Purchase of Brake Blocks

16. Purchase Order Amendment Authority Materials Management System Support

17. Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Don Mills Station Contract SH-61-J1 Increase in Pre-Authorized Amendment Allowance

18. Notice of Award of Procurement Authorization Queens Quay Streetcar Connection Landscaping Contract R7-9

19. Notice of Award of Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Installation of Substation Equipment Contract SH-00-P05

Other Business

20. Filming on TTC Property (deferred from May 8/00)

21. Post-Implementation Review - 163 Rustic Road (deferred from May 8/00)

22. Bus Stop on Marlee Avenue - Results of Site Meeting

23. Wheel-Trans Eligibility Initial In-Person Interview Services - Contract Award

24. Summary of Authorized Expenditures for the Period April 12, 2000 to April 29, 2000 

25. Consolidated Financial Statements of Toronto Transit Commission for Year Ended December 31, 1999

26. Report to the Commission Relating to the 1999 Audit

27. TTC Pension Fund Society Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Fiscal Period Ended December 1999 and By-Law Amendments

28. Staff Response to Commission Inquiries

a. Siemens Surplus Low Floor Streetcars

b. Deputation from Ms. Lina Di Carlo

1. Correspondence

2. New Business

a) Committee of the Whole Resolution