Meeting No. 1786

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

1:00 P.M.

Committee Room #2 (2nd Floor)

City Hall - 100 Queen Street West

31. Subway Open Door Incidents

32. September Level of Service

33. Service Improvements for 2000-2001 

34. Legal Services - Hicks Morley Purchase Order C03V6974

35. Procurement Authorization New Maintenance Facility (Wilson/Davisville) for T-1 Cars Wheel-Spinning & Auxiliary Power Requirements Contract AW-18-J7

36. Procurement Authorization Key Station Accessibility Elevators and Minor Renovations for Eight (8) Subway Stations - Design Work Contract G85-35 Contract Amendment #17

37. Procurement Authorization T-1 Spare Parts & Test Equipment

38. Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Design, Supply & Installation of Signal System Contract SH-00-S01 Contract Change Directive No. 5 (PRESENTATION AVAILABLE)

39. Lease of Air Rights to the Toronto Parking Authority (Price Street to Rowanwood Avenue)

40. New Contracts for the Provision of Wheel-Trans Accessible and Sedan Distance Based Taxi Service

41. Staff Response to Commission Inquiries - TTC is Consistently Inconsistent

42. Staff Response to Commission Inquiries - Post-Implemenation Review 163 Rustic Road