Meeting No. 1808

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

1:00 P.M.

Committee Room #2 (2nd Floor)

City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration Of Interest

Minutes Of The Previous Meetings

• Meeting No. 1806 - January 21, 2002

• Meeting No. 1807 - February 7, 2002

Business Arising Out Of Minutes


– 2:00 p.m.

Commissioners’ Correspondence

CC-1 - Commissioner Howard Moscoe re: Request for Travel - APTA Annual Meeting


Budget Matters

Procurement Matters

1. Procurement Authorization Kennedy Station Parking Lot Expansion Contract F3-19PDF icon.

2. Procurement Authorization Kennedy Station Improvement - Bus Loop Expansion - Contract F3-20PDF icon.

3. Procurement Authorization Easier Access Phase II Kipling Station Remote Entrance Upgrades Contract F45-2PDF icon.

4. Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Don Mills Station Design - Contract SH-61-D1 Contract Amendment No. 6

5. Procurement Authorization Sheppard Subway Supervisory Control and Communication Installation - Contract SH-00-X08 Change Directive No. 10 for Modifications to Emergency Ventilation Controls

6. Procurement Authorization - CA Unicenter Software Maintenance

7. Purchase of Pandrol Track Parts

8. Procurement Authorization - Purchase Order Amendment for Courier Services

9. Procurement Authorization - Minor and Major Overhaul of SRT Brake Actuators

10. Procurement Authorization - Purchase of Ford Parts for ELF Vehicles

11. Procurement Authorization - Garage Packer Truck

12. Procurement Authorization - Supply of Kone Escalator Refurbishment KitsPDF icon. 

13. Purchase Order Amendment Authority Civil Engineering Consultant Services Proposal No. P11K0814

14. Summary of Authorized Expenditures for the Period December 2, 2001 to December 31, 2001PDF icon.

Other Business

15. Service Improvements for 2002 - Results of Consultation

16. Travel Approval - American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition - San Diego, California

17. Summary of New Customer Information Initiatives

18. Taxi Stands at Transit FacilitiesPDF icon.

19. Staff Response to Commission Inquiries

a. Customer Reaction to New Advertising Programs on the TTC

b. Staff Response Regarding Cellular Rates, Usage and Security Requirements re: November 28, 2001 Commission Meeting

c. Requested Action from December 19, 2001 Commission Meeting Staff Report on Meeting with City Regarding Voice/Data Communication Services

d. Accessible Buses on 133 Neilson

1. Correspondence - See Attached

2. New Business