Meeting No. 1855

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

1:00 P.M.

Committee Room #2 (2nd Floor)

City Hall – 100 Queen Street West

Declaration Of Interest - Municipal Conflict Of Interest Act

Minutes Of The Previous Meetings

- Meeting No. 1854 – April 6, 2005

Business Arising Out Of Minutes

Committee Of The Whole Resolution

- Meeting – June 22, 2005

Deputations – 2:00 p.m.

Commissioners’ Correspondence


Budget Matters

1. Chief General Manager’s Report – Period 3 (February 27 to April 2, 2005)

2. 2006 Budget Schedule

Procurement Matters

3. Procurement Authorization Contract No. G85-177 Architectural Design Services - Triennial Contract Contract Amendment No. 3

4. Procurement Authorization Contract No. G85-172 Architectural Design Services - Triennial Contract Contract Amendment No. 3

5. Procurement Authorization Consultant Design Services Facility Modifications for CLRV Life Extension Program Contract G85-202

6. Procurement Authorization Design Services for Facility Renewal Projects Multiple Locations Contract G85-201

7. Procurement Authorization Hillcrest Sand Silo Upgrades Contract M1-55PDF icon.

8. Procurement Authorization Eglinton West Station Paving Rehabilitation Contract A9-8PDF icon.

9. Procurement Authorization Davisville Carhouse – Wing Pits Contract AW-18-J11

10. Procurement Authorization Consultant Design Services Wheel-Trans Facility – Renewal Project Contract WT85-7

11. Procurement Authorization Duncan Shop – Steam Jenny Upgrade Contract M1-53

12. Procurement Authorization – Installation of Fire Suppression Systems in Orion VII Buses

13. Procurement Authorization – Surface Track Panel Movers

14. Procurement Authorization – Supply of Escalator Component Refurbishment and FabricationPDF icon.

15. Procurement Authorization – Supply of H6 Subway Car Passenger Flip Up Seats

16. Procurement Authorization – Provision of Garbage Sorting and Disposal Services

17. Procurement Authorization – Supply of Electronic Timer Relays

18. Purchase Order Amendment – Human Resources and Human Rights Legal Services

19. Purchase of Cummins Bus Parts

20. Purchase of Track Bars

21. Supply of Brake Kits, Rear and Front Axle

22. Purchase of H6 Transducers

23. Purchase of Ford Parts

24. a) Approval of Roll Out of Platform Video Screens Throughout the System (deferred from April 6/05)

24. b) Approval of the Roll Out of Platform Video Screens Throughout the System – Supplemental Information

25. Summary of Authorized Expenditures for the Period February 27, 2005 to March 31, 2005PDF icon.

Other Business

26.  Time Based Transfer Concept

27. 1998 & 2001 APTA Rail Safety Audits – UpdatesPDF icon.

28. Consolidated Financial Statements of Toronto Transit Commission – December 31, 2004

29. Audit Results - Year Ended December 31, 2004

30. Debit Card Capability at Collectors Booths

31. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 5.3.5 Procurement

32. TTC Corporate Policy Review – Policy 2.9.2 Visiting/Calling the Transit Control Centre During Emergency Situations

33. Post-Implementation Review: 122 Graydon Hall Service to Roywood DrivePDF icon.

34. Implementation of Overnight Service Changes

35. Kipling/Islington Bus Operations Study – Status Report

36. Property at Northwest Corner of Yonge Street and York Mills Road

37. Request to Reconsider Deferral of Bus Loop Construction

38. Staff Response to Commission Inquiry

a) Performance Milestones for the Common Vehicle Work Order SystemPDF icon.

b) Results of Consultations with the Electrical Safety Authority

39. Correspondence

40. New Business

a) News Release “AMO Board Adopts Unanimous Position on New Deal Federal Gas Tax Revenue Sharing